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Karla Woods!!! Karla wins the brand new 2013 STYLIST PLANNER and the WORDS TO SAY CD- Book and Sponsor!

It was so fun to read everyone's words for sponsoring. You start to see that being your authentic self is more important than getting the words exactly perfect. When you are genuine and intentional with what you say, it always sounds right!!! Remember, the fortune is in the follow up!! Just because you don't get an e-mail returned doesn't mean that your potential stylist isn't considering her options.... you must follow up to have results!!!



OK, are you ready to get your office in order for 2013? This is VERY important for success & what it boils down to is having a System! I promise it will make your follow up and booking SO MUCH EASIER!

Organize your office!
-Watch one or both of the videos below (less than 10 minutes total and packed full of valuable tips).
-Prep you list of contacts, ie-Potential Hostesses, Potential Stylists, MAYBE Later Hostesses...
-Keep a Hot Box on your desk for follow-up with contacts.
-Sort trunk show orders, paperclip them, and date on your calendar that you will call to followup in a week.

-Or, pick something from the videos to try for yourself and post that.

To qualify....you must post a pic (video if you're daring) and sentence about your efforts to the LaCocodots Team page. Since we've all learned about picstitch from our other photo post challenge, you could even do a before and after!!

PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT-- the winner of today's challenge gets their choice of a one year subscription to either In Style, Vogue or Real Simple!!!

(Remember, enter 8 out of 12 days for a chance to WIN BIG. You can play catch up at any time!)

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Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist- LaCocoDots Team