Superhero Tuesday Times

Elite 11 Portfolio, Dalia Denise Flores - ILD


The 2015-16 School Year is underway and all Super Leaders, Super Teachers and Super Students are back in school and ready for action!

I hope you were able to have a restful weekend and do something fun. I personally was able to spend some time catching up at home! It was great to grocery shop, wash, clean, catch a little Netflix and spend some time planning.

This weekly memo will arrive in your inbox every Tuesday morning. This will be my weekly communication to you which will include important information regarding our lever work, as well as critical updates to keep on your radar.

Attendance and enrollment are critical factors to school success. Daily monitoring of enrollment during the first 5-10 days of school will be critical. Today, August 24th, already marks the 4th day of school. Please begin emailing me end-of-day counts and concerns. We had a meeting with Dr. Gist and Dr. Dyce today to discuss the process for adjustment of staffing allocations based on student counts, and I look forward to sharing final plans for this process with you soon. In the meantime let's keep a close eye and daily communication regarding numbers.

As you know, I am here 24/7 to support you. I can be reached via phone (312.912.1559 or 918.202.3805) or email ( anytime. This week I will be following up with direct support to specific schools based on last week's site visits, and our official weekly visits will begin next week as shared with you in our August Portfolio Meeting.

Here is wishing you a fantastic week filled with focus and purpose. Remember to make every minute, word and action count! Please be sure to invite me to any September school events.




Words of wisdom: If you don't take the time to define the culture of your school it will define itself.

During the first few weeks of school, you and your staff will be working diligently to define the culture of your school. I've seen great evidence of this during site-visits as students and staff members are setting and practicing routines and procedures. The School Culture Rubric and Toolkit will come in handy as you work on this lever. These documents, along with other related tools can be found in your Superhero Academy Binder as well as the Google drive:

Dates to Remember:

8/31-9/18 BOY Site-Walk-through Window

9/21-9/25 BOY Data Reflection Window

9/28-10/2 BOY Response Planning Window

Note: During our September 10th LDD session we will be digging into your school specific OU Health Data.


Words of wisdom: By receiving weekly observation and feedback, a teacher develops as much in 1 year as most do in 20.

During the first few weeks of school you should be engaged in informal classroom pop-ins with several goals in mind:

  1. Looking for evidence of implementation of expectations you've set with your staff prior to school beginning. This can be done by walking the walls, looking at the classroom set-up, paying attention to what the teacher is doing/saying and what students are doing/saying.
  2. Looking for evidence of implementation of the Balanced Literacy framework. Be sure to use the First 4 Weeks (3rd-6th) and First 9 Weeks (K-2) as well as the "Look Fors" tools.
  3. Looking for information to informally tier your teachers (red/yellow/green) based on needs. This data will come in handy as you create your observation and 6 step feedback calendar as well as your TLE observation calendar. Because time is limited, you'll want to use this data to prioritize your visits to teachers based on needs.

Note: Be sure to leverage the updated 6 Step Feedback protocol as well as the Rookie Teacher Guide as you provide teachers with bite-sized feedback based on the highest lever action step. These tools can be found in your Superhero Academy Binder or in the Google drive:


Words of wisdom: Data doesn't just leap off the page and convert itself into high-quality, useful information.

During the first few weeks of school, teachers will engage students in various assessments in order to gather critical student achievement data for planning and delivering high-quality, meaningful instruction. Your role as leader will be to walk your teachers through the desegregation of their data in order to identify useful information for planning lessons, small group instruction, interventions, etc.

Dates to remember:

8/20-9/11 SRI/SMI Testing Window

8/20-9/25 PreK Early Childhood Inventory Assessment Window

9/8-9/23 3rd grade MAP and K-2 MPG Testing Window

Note: You will receive your copy of Driven by Data during our Portfolio meeting at the September LDD session, and during our October meeting we will be discussing how to use SRI/SMI and MAP/MPG data to inform instruction at your school.


The 2015 Fine Arts Convocation will be held at Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy on

Tuesday, September 15, 2015. The elementary meeting will begin at 3:30 pm in the

Cafetorium, teachers will then proceed to break-out rooms for their separate disciplines.

The 2015 Literacy Intervention Requirements can be found on:

During our September site-visits we will be engaging in walk-troughs focused on identifying evidence of Balanced Literacy Implementation and planning next steps. We will use the "Look-Fors" tool for these walk troughs. We will also discuss the use of the Balanced Literacy Self-Assessment in order to determine timing and format for collecting this information/reflection from teachers.

During our October Portfolio meeting you will receive training regarding the setup and use of your Book Rooms.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to connect with your Instructional Coaches as well as your Scholastic coaches in order to build a powerful partnership for your work this year. These coaches can be a great asset to you! Coaching assignments can be found here:


Words of wisdom: Strong professional learning allows teachers to LIVE THE LEARNING by engaging in the see it, name it, do it and reflect process.

The Curriculum Department will host monthly “Just in Time” sessions for teachers. These professional learning sessions are opportunities for teachers to collaborate on unit and lesson plans, share strategies, and gather additional resources for their upcoming units of instructions. During each session, Academic Coordinators will share specific strategies and resources to engage students and promote mastery of standards. Teachers from various grade levels will be invited to share their effective lessons and tools. Each participating teacher will leave the session with new ideas for lesson plans. Teachers can sign upon My Learning Plan.

Make-Up Read 180/System 44 Training is tentatively set to take place during the September Early Release day (Sept. 4th). I'll be sure to share location, time, etc. once it becomes available.

Note: During our September site-visits we will have some time to review and discuss your Professional Learning Plans. We will review what was delivered to teachers during the PD days prior to school starting, as well as your Professional Learning plans for the remainder of the school year. More information regarding these documents will be embedded in the meeting invite for this site-visit.

September Site-Visits: Weekly Focus

The first week of September will mark the beginning of our weekly, 2 hour site-visits. As I mentioned in the August Portfolio meeting, each week will have a different focus. Below is a preview to the weekly focus. Details regarding what to prepare ahead of time will be embedded in the calendar invite.

  • Week 1 - McREL 2nd Order Change Goal & BOY Assessment Schedule
  • Week 2 - School Culture Walk-through & Professional Learning Plans
  • Week 3 - Observation & Feedback Schedule & Balanced Literacy Implementation
  • Week 4 - TLE Calibration

Upcoming Dates:

  • 8/27 Financial Workshop (Returning Secretaries and Financial Clerks)
  • 9/1 Weekly ILD Site-Visits Begin (calendar invites go out tomorrow)
  • 9/3 Financial Workshop (New Secretaries and Year 1 Financial Clerks)
  • 9/10-11 LDD @ Wilson
  • 9/11 2nd Order Change Goals Due

My Learning Plan August Calendar: