Mrs. Iamele's Newsletter

Created by the students in B9!

I'm so Fancy Day!

By Addison, Hailey, Anna

Fancy Day is December 10 so start getting your Fancy on! Fancy Day is where you dress up in your fanciest clothes like suits for boys and dresses for girls. No heels allowed in school just so you know. Girls could wear frilly dresses and styled hair for girls. Boys could wear tuxedos, suits and combed hair. Always be yourselves in clothes pick out your favorite color in dresses or suits and the best style to your kids.

A New Type of Reading

By: Joyce Meng and Rebecca Su

In class, we have learned about a different type of reading called close reading. Close reading is a careful and purposeful rereading of the text. Mrs. Iamele taught us how to close read. First, you number the paragraphs. Next, read the paragraph and get the gist, which means the main point. Last, you annotate. Annotating is writing responses and comments on the text. Good readers ask questions about the text, make inferences about the speaker or narrator, find details to support the main idea, stop and summarize, mark the words and parts they don’t understand and use text details to form inferences. We are glad Mrs. Iamele taught us how to close read.

Rocking Book Report

by Brooke and Mia

Hey you over there the Book Reports over here, the Rocking Book Report YEAH!

After we finished the book Shiloh, we decided to do a Book Report on it. We decided to add a Front Cover, The Summary, The Theme, The Setting, The Character Analysis (Protagonist and Antagonist), Your Opinion, and last but not least the Back Cover. The Book Report will be due someday next week. Now you something we are doing in reading/writing, This Book Report is going to be Rocking!


By Aaron, Kai, and Spencer

Hello B9 parents today we are going to tell you about what your child is doing in class in this matter the speeches.

The speech days in our classroom are Nov.20, Dec. 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10th. If your child has already done their speech then they will be an audience or they will have a job on the dates above. The jobs are speech master which introduces the people who are doing their speech. Sargent of arms who tells the people who are listening well and comments to help with listening during speeches. Timer who tells how long the speech is the speech has to be 2 to 4 minutes long. The grammarian who tells if they had good grammar or not. Humorist who tells jokes in between each speeches.

Crazy Science!

By: Akhil Nandhakumar and Andrew Kim

Dear parents of B9,

On December 5th, 2014, we had a mad science assembly. The scientist’s name was “Radioactive Rob.” Some of the activities we did with him were make dry ice bubbles (Co2 cooled to -109o F), melting a Styrofoam head with acetone, a liquid that dissolves plastic, and shooting a cork with pressurized Co2 in a beacon. We also put a skewer through both sides of a balloon, and then put Vaseline on the holes, and the holes stopped letting out air. Then we felt “Jurassic Park Dinosaur Boogers.” He also did a magic trick where we have to keep our eyes on the cup with water in it but “Radioactive Rob” secretly put slush powder in the cup that had water so the slush powder absorbed the water in ten seconds and he turned all of the cups upside down and nothing fell out because the slush powder stuck to the bottom of the cup. We all got fooled! During the assembly, “Radioactive Rob” gave out Mad Science stickers to kids who volunteered and answered his scientific questions. Our favorite part of the assembly was when Radioactive Rob poured the acetone on the Styrofoam head. We all would rate this assembly five stars!

The Mission Build!

By: Julia, Raegan and sierra

Welcome to 1769 when the first mission was built in California. The missions that are soon going to be built in our classroom are going to be made on the 19th of December. Parents are welcome to come into the classroom as long as they sign up now on Mrs. Engen’s Sign-Up Genius E-mail. Parents can come in at 8:15 to 11:15 to help the students with the hot glue gun and cut out the cardboard they need to make their base of the mission. Parents are not allowed to help out the students their project. Students will be building a mission in a group of four with the materials which they are in charge of bringing in. None of the materials can be purchased from any store. They all have to be from home. Students can bring in supplies such as paint, cardboard etc. In the morning, you will be able to join B9 for a Breakfast in the class.

Science Time

By: Bracken and Zach

We did our science test but it is delayed back because Mrs.Iamele was having her knee surgery. Everything on the study guide was on the test. We just ended our science unit. We had to write the rock cycle down, and we had to guess what area was eroded by sand and water. The class had to now the definitions of these words continental drift, core, mantle, crust, erosion, deposition, weathering ,mass movement, luster, streak, fault, volcano, earthquake, Pangea, fossils, magma, plate, mineral, rock, hardness, sedimentary rock, igneous rock, metamorphic rock, landform and rock cycle. For the people who had their study guide finished, could look at the test for five minutes. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.

Ant Farm Update

By: Ryan J. Lievre and Kevin Vu

There were 10 ants in the ant Farm. Then three died from an avalanche. Now there are 7 ants in the farm. The ants made great process from there tunneling. All of them are getting lazy from too much food. Avalanches are happening because the ants’ hill is too tall. The ants have built many tunnels. That is all about the ants.

Morning Meeting Mash Up

By: Trevor Mulcahey, Alex Engen, Seth Cotner

Mrs.Iamele’s class has started Morning Meeting that is where our class gathers up to greet other students in the class. First we always do greeting for example tennis ball, high five, and skip greeting. We also play games such as hot potato, grandmother’s trunk, and alibi. At the end of every Morning Meeting one or two people will share something that has happened to them or family members. Finally after one or two people have shared, we do a power clap for the group.

We do Morning Meeting because we get to know each other better. We also do Morning Meeting because we want to trust each other more so it will make a better climate in the class. The class loves doing this because it is very fun and you learn about other people in our class.

We only do Morning Meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, we don’t do it on Wednesday or if we have a sub. We don’t do it as much now because a lot of people are talking or goofing around distracting others.

This is one of the things we do in the morning so we can have more fun and our class hopes we keep doing it.

Opinion Writing

by: Delina Seare and Nicole Abrams

In trimester 2, the students of B9 will be writing their own opinion pieces. This will start after we complete close reading, a method of reading taught by Mrs. Iamele that will soon help us with opinion writing. Students read paragraphs carefully and when they are done, they use annotating marks to “ describe”, what they notice in their reading, such as, a star for an important phrase or word, an exclamation point for a surprise sentence, etc. This helps with opinion writing because you make claims about what you think will happen next in the story. For example, if you get surprised in a passage or paragraph, you can think about what you think will happen in the story. Think is an important word for opinion writing because in opinions it doesn’t matter what others think; it’s about what YOU think. There is almost never a wrong answer in opinions. In conclusion, controversy is very important to learn in opinion writing to find out what your opinion is. Just remember, it’s all about YOU!

The Scoop on Social Studies

By Neha and Abby

Hello parents! In social studies we have been learning about four different Californian Indian tribes.

They are the Hupa (Hoo pa), Miwok (Mee wok), Cahilla (Kuh wee uh), and Chumash (choo mash) we learned about the region, shelter, food, custom and tradition. Each of us made a chart about this unit. Today Friday December 5th, in our social studies unit, we are starting to study explorers having to do with California. We are hoping to jump through that lesson and finish by Tuesday. After that we will start learning about missions. Towards the end of that lesson we will do a mission build (look at Raegen, Sierra and Julia’s article, The Mission Build.)We hope that you got a scoop on social studies.

The Flamingos

Written by Arianna and Arch

For our newsletter we are writing about the flamingos near the front of the classroom. We put something on them every month. For example, on Halloween we put scary costumes on them.

Mrs. Iamele, our 4th grade teacher, told us a story about how the flamingos got there. Here it is! So one day, Mrs. Iamele came out of the classroom, after school ended, and she say a few flamingos on the small, patch of dirt in front of her classroom. She immediately called the Animal Control. The Animal Control said, “You are lucky to have flamingos at your school. They are nice. Feed them fish every day and PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THEM. They bite.” Mrs. Iamele kept them and fed them fish every day. But I don’t think that is true because the flamingos are plastic and we found a box of “Plastic Toy Animals” under her desk.

The flamingos are always at our front door (because they are plastic) and you are free to look at them (if you visit Stone Ranch Elementary School).

Should Students be Required to Wear School Uniforms?

School Uniforms Yes!

Written By Adriana

I say yes to school uniforms because kids get picked on for their cloths. Also because it will take kids less time to get ready. Also the kids can decorate it the way they want. Also if every kid wears the same outfit we could stop bullying and that used to be impossible not anymore. SO what do you say? Tell us down in the comments below what you think.

School Unifoms No!

Written By Berkley

I don’t think kids should wear school uniforms because kids should be able to choose what they wear based on their personality. If someone at school had an identical twin of the same gender, how would you tell the difference between them if they wear school uniforms? Plus every kid is different so why make them look the same? You would also have to wash the uniforms every day, so why bother?