Terrific Tuna

Ella Springer


Tuna is one of the only types of warm-blooded fish! You will be excited to learn that this creature has a fascinating diet, captivating appearance, and enthralling way of moving. This distinctive organism will blow your mind away!


As a result you can see that tuna has a fascinating diet, captivating appearance, and enthralling way of moving. I think that this type of fish is such a unique animal who deserves to live longer than 30 years. Hopefully many people can learn about this extraordinary animal, tuna.

Go Fish

The project "Go Fish" is not one to forget because it was so much fun. The theme I chose was the "The Little Mermaid," the movie. It was not hard to stay under the budget of $250. The fish I bought were beautiful. I chose the Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta, Straw-berry Dottyback, blue damsel, and Carpenter Flasser Wrasse. My friends were such a great help with this process. This project really helped me learn how to budget and practice multiplying. I cant wait for the next 5th graders to do this project and hope they have as much fun as I did.


In one of my classes I made a wonderful diorama. In my diorama I included many animals. I included jellyfish, an octopus, dolphin, blue whale, turtle, a seahorse, coral, and one of my personal favorites, tuna. The diorama was very easy except when you got clue stuck on you. I cant wait to do another diorama about the coral reef.
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Word Wall

My word wall is describing tuna and all the adjectives and phrases about it.
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My comic is showing you what would happen if the coral reef was polluted.
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My poem is about tuna. It has facts about tuna and many cool things.


Large fast swimmers

Swimming through the cold ocean

Diving to the depth of 3000 feet

Swimming 30 miles in a week

Weighing 550 pounds

Even more than the clouds

Warm blooded animals in search for squid

Can't wait to see one in an aquarium

By: Ella Springer