Psilocybin mushroom

short term effects

  • euphoric
  • laughing and giggling
  • creativity
  • insightful ideas
  • strong sense of wonder
  • most users report feeling spiritually uplifted
  • some medical research indicates relief from cluster headaches
  • newer research shows possible treatment benefits depression and suicidal thoughts
  • headaches, often experienced as the effects of the drug wear off, even occurring the next day, and lasting up to 24 hours after taking mushrooms
  • intense fear, even paranoia
  • nausea, primarily experienced when mushrooms are eaten raw or in dried form

nature is'nt as scary as thought.

long term effects

Some users reported long-term, even some permanent, effects of using mushrooms including increased memory. Others have said they experienced flashbacks. These are occasions of recurrence of hallucinations that are similar to the high of mushrooms.

shroom slang

-Wizard piss
-boomin truman
-the fungi

how its taken???

usually taken orally. burning it/smoking will burn all the psilocin off.

Addiction/ Abuse signs

you cannot become addicted to shroom's physically but psychologically it is possible because most users claim the feelings so compelling that it then can become an escape such as anything else.

- Abuse signs are nothing to be seen but outcomes due to the persons dependency on a stimulant.