Wildcat Chat

MCE Staff Newsletter for Jan. 7, 2016

January Jots

Monday, Jan. 11

2nd Nine Weeks Report Cards Going Home

Speech ARCs…x 6!

Mr. Gregg, Mrs. Keith (coverage provided), Mrs. Lengle (2), Mrs. Cosgrove, Ms. Kingsbury

Wildcat Club

Tuesday, Jan. 12

Fishbowl for 5th Grade (@ Walton)

Wildcat Club

SBDM @ 4:30

Wednesday, Jan. 13

Staff Meeting @ 3:30pm

Thursday, Jan. 14

Academic Team Meeting @ CMZ

Monday, Jan. 18

No School….MLK Jr. Day

What's Your One Word?…Check out the bulletin board to see MCE's focus for 2016!

Curriculum Corner

- Great conversations during PLCs! You did a nice job reflecting on the District Walkthrough. Keep the District Instructional Expectations handy and let’s get our students engaged and involved as much as possible. Let them do the thinking!

- We talked a lot about feedback during our December PLCs. Keep this in mind as you complete your Report Cards.

- I am working to print MAP Student Progress Reports to go home with Report Cards. I will also provide a Parent Reference Sheet.

- Each grade level has new Common Assessment data. Please send me your updated RTI plans as you move students around based on their need.

- You are doing great things! Thank you for all of your hard work.

We are welcoming Baby Ellison with a shower on Jan. 20.

Counselor's Comments

HOPE Assembly is Friday and Wildcat Clubs are Monday and Tuesday next week.

Details about times and stations will be sent out soon.

Principal's Points

We have added at least six new students upon returning from the Christmas break! As those new students come in, it makes me stop and see MCE from their eyes.

What does the front office team say or do to ease a momma's worry? How does the cafe crew help as the newbies navigate their first meal at school? What steps do students take to make their new classmate feel welcome? Does at least one administrator call them by name or check on them during their first day?

At Open House in August, we are very intentional about being welcoming. Sometimes it's hard to keep that customer-friendly, "come on in" demeanor. I saw without fail….our staff greet, smile and welcome our newest learners with open arms. Offered supplies, created name tags, greeted parents, moved furniture, prepared folders, gave them "host" buddies to help acclimate…you were making them feel welcome.

It's tough to be at a new school. It's even tougher to be at a new school in the middle of the year. Thank you for making our newest faces feel at home.

The little things mean a lot to our (new or old) students. The little things are big things when building relationships.

Thanks for doing the little things so well!