Monica's Digital Journal


February 12th

My name is Monica.


When the dad of Ishmael spoke this words, " If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a good person, he or she will die." What I think about this quote on the first sentence is that if you are still breathing and have hope for the next upcoming " thing " and think positive about it something good of all of this is going to happen. What in think about the second part is that if you don't think nothing positive no more about your destiny of you there are probabilities that you will "die" from the inside and be like a living zombie, just walking with no direction of your life. After all this is that I think about this quote

Ishamel Escaping Death

Ishmael has escaped death approximately about four times. one from those four times was when he had to run for his life. It day when the rebels came into the village they had the brothers including Ishmael had to run for their lives. They went into the forest to star to hide. from somewhere some rebels had spot them. Instantly they started to run they run for a long period of time. The rebels were not giving up neither they. This went up for a long period of time. Soon enough the rebels gave up, but this did not stop them from running so they kept running for about one more hour. Soon enough they were safe once more.