Galloping Gazette

A newsletter for the Faculty and Staff - Week 5/20 - 5/24

Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change . Do Great Work Together • Value Differences

Principal's Message for the week:

WOW! You couldn't ask for a better start to our testing season, and yes it is its own season. Everyone did an amazing job keeping the kids focused but with such a positive, encouraging and uplifting vibe.

Hands down, a HUGE shout-out goes to Patti, Robin, and Travis for knocking it out of the park with their smooth administration and organization! Let's continue to ride this wave as our third graders start on Monday. Please hand out high fives and encouragement like it's candy as our youngest students tackle these unknown waters.

As we turn the corner into the into the end of the year, it's always inspiring to see the activities that are being planned that are still engaging, highlighting the 5C, and curriculum based. Our K-2 students are loving the ABC count down! It is great to see all of our student happy and still loving coming to school. Continue to take the time to review expectations, as the Colt Code should be well known and reinforced. Please know that Patti and myself are available to help you reinforce expectations and support you to ensure that classroom instruction is uninterrupted. Keeping structure is the key to success for the next 18.5 school days. The school division reminds us that we are not to fill the last few days with movies and that we teach right up until the end.

I am so proud of our staff at CFES! The passion and energy that you put into our students every single day is something special. We got this and let's keep it going!

Enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather!


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Shout Outs

Shout out to Wende, thank you for my labels!! - Danielle

Shout out to Karen Ratner, thank you for always lending a helping hand! You’re awesome! - Danielle

A huge shout out to Marissa for going paperless! Woohoo! - Danielle

Thank you to Mr. Richardson for helping me get my difficult number line off the wall!! - Ally

Kindergarten Team you rock! Thank you for being so organized, it made kindergarten lunch a breeze. - Colleen

Mrs. Olds, thank you for holding down the breakfast cart Monday in our time of need. - Colleen

Thanks to all the primary grades cheering on the SOL taking older grades! its fun to watch the support! - Robin M.

Shout out to Claire Love for finishing her National Board stuff!!! - Kelly

Thank you to the 5th Grade Team for walking along side me this past year! I am a better teacher and person for having having worked with you. - Alainya

Thank you to Mrs. Yager for going for the support and food for our 2nd grade caterpillars. - Megan Z.

A shout out to all of the non-testing grade teachers who are being supportive and flexible with their schedules during SOL testing. YOU’RE THE BEST!!! - Anne Y.

Shout out to Mrs. Rodriguez, you have been a lifesaver this week as the end of the year has definitely hit some of our kiddos! THANK YOU for always being willing to help out however you can! - Megan B.

Shout out to Ms. Frierson for coaxing a reluctant student into completing the PALS assessment! You are a Rock Star! - Jen M.

Shout out to Mrs. Minehan's class for encouraging Mrs. Nicolosi's class to slam the exam! The students appreciated the motivation to do their best. Michelle N.

Thanks Travis Bowman and Megan Jones for providing the opportunity for our kindergarteners to design/create animals on the Makerbot! If anyone wants to see the 3D printer in action, pop by room 10 over the next couple of days. - Kindergarten Team

Thank you primary teachers for adopting and encouraging an SOL class! - Patti C.

Sharon, thank you for saving the butterflies! 2nd grade - Danielle

Shout out to Robin Mounce! Thank you for sending my Progress Reports when I was out.

Shout out to Ms. Doyle for all of the inspirational cards, letters, and treats she has shared with our class. - Jackie

If you have any shout outs, please send them to Ms. Backer and Mrs. Jacobs by Thursday.

Schedule for upcoming weeks

May 20th - May 24th

SOLs this week. No PLCs will occur; rather if your grade is testing, you will have PE at 1:30 but teachers will dismiss their students.

Monday, May 20th

· 3rd Grade Reading SOL (Part 1)

· 3:00p - 9:00 Skinny Dip Cashola

· 5th Grade Reading SOL (Part 1) - PM - Expedited

Tuesday, May 21st

· 3rd Grade Reading SOL (Part 2)

· 3:00p - 4:00p Faulty Meeting (Library) - Ed Camp!

· 5th Grade Reading SOL (Part 1) - PM - Expedited

Wednesday, May 22nd

· 5th Grade Math SOL (Part 1)

Thursday, May 23rd

· 5th Grade Math SOL (Part 2)

· 4th Grade Reading SOL (Part 1) - PM - Expedited

· 2:40p - 4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

· 2:40 - 5:00 Eco Club (Cafeteria)

Friday, May 24th

· 4th Grade Reading SOL (Part 2) - PM - Expedited


May 27th - May 31st

SOLs this week. No PLCs will occur; rather if your grade is testing, you will have PE at 1:30 but teachers will dismiss their students.

Monday, May 27th

· Memorial Day (No School)

Tuesday, May 28th

· 4th Grade Math SOL (Part 1)

Wednesday, May 29th

· 4th Grade Math SOL (Part 2)

Thursday, May 30th

· 3rd Grade Math SOL (Part 1)

· 2:40p - 4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

Friday, May 31st

· 3rd Grade Math SOL (Part 2)

End of year party!

We are rocking out our SOLs!!!

This week our SOL Testing continues. Please remind students to be quiet in the halls and encourage everyone to be supportive of our students who have worked so hard to do their best. If you go outside, please stay away from testing areas remembering that students who are testing get distracted when they see others outside playing. Please assume testing is still going on until an announcement and/or email has gone out.

PBIS: Tip of the week

Keep it simple this week! We are in the thick of testing and everyone could benefit from positive affirmations. Why not ask your students to share their own positive affirmations? If each child writes their affirmation on a post-it, it could be placed on their desk and used as motivation for the day (unless of course you are testing). When you first start positive affirmations, it can feel a little awkward or silly but building this practice into your MM routine can help boost confidence. Be sure to put some examples up on the board to help students get started.


5/1 - Christine Hayes

5/6 - Denise Norred

5/8 - Anne Young

5/20 - Debbie Hall

5/21 - Melissa Raehl

5/21 - Michelene Kesner

Let's have some fun!

There is a sign up sheet in the Teacher's Lounge for the END OF YEAR PARTY! It will be at May's Robertson's house, on Friday, May 31st, starting at 5pm. We will have some main food dishes, soft drinks and a few other treats supplied by Hospitality, but please BYOB and a dish to share. It's always a great time celebrating with everyone in May's backyard oasis! Yard games, music(Travis....guitar?...please!), pool, wonderful company, and maybe a game of Right Left Center(bring single bills to join in that fun). Her address is 2936 Couples Ct. (Heron Ridge Neighborhood). We're almost at the finish line, so let's CELEBRATE! Please sign up ASAP so we can order enough food.

Staff Updates

We'd like to welcome Ms. Ana Couce Armada to "The Farm". She will be joining the 5th grade Team as the Spanish Immersion teacher. We are so excited to have her as an addition to our wonderful staff!
We've got baby fever! Congratulations to Megan Bullard and her husband on their new journey to parenthood
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Did you know?

You can now make long distance phone calls from anywhere in the building without a long distance code! Just dial 9 then 1+ the area code and seven digit number.

Aiming for that green check mark in Talent Ed - Look below to see what is due

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June 17th Flex Day

All teachers and teacher assistants may work a flex schedule for the staff day on June 17, 2019. Please make sure that all teachers and teacher assistants are aware of this option. They may begin working the extra time on May 16, 2019 and keep a log of the time worked. Teacher assistants, ISS coordinators, and library assistants may not work more than 40 hours in any one week. The time sheets will provide documentation to support the hours reported in WISE. The flex day applies only to the following group of employees:

  • All teachers whose schedule ends on June 17
  • Teacher assistants, ISS coordinators, and library media assistants

Security assistants are not eligible because of security needs of the building.

Eligible employees who do not choose to make use of the flex day and do not wish to report on June 17, 2019, may choose to take personal reasons leave with approval of the building principal.

If you have any extenuating circumstances or questions, please contact Mrs. Backer.

Important Links from the Principal Packet

Congratulations to Amy Goodman - Our TA of the Year! So well deserved!

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Another Colt cruising through his PALS assessment!

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Congratulations to Claire Love on submitting her National Board Paperwork! We are so proud of you!

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Quite possibly the cutest thing ever - Our Kinders AMAZED at their 3-D creations coming to life!

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True Student engagement while enjoying this beautiful weather - win - win

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#Goodphonecalloftheday - We only have about 30 days left - Who can we highlight?!

Keep these coming!

Please check out our form below to see how Mrs. Porter and myself will be celebrating our students and continuing our positive culture and environment.