Shirley Ann Jackson

By Braedyn Gilliam


Shirley Ann Jackson parents are Beatrice and George Jackson they said she was destined for success

Early life

Theoretical physicist Born Washington dc: 1946 she has many awards in science. She was also a inventor, conducted scientific breakthroughs. Her education was Massachusetts institute of technology or (MIT)

Shirley Ann Jackson as a scientist

In, 1973 she became the first African american to receive a Doctorate theoretical state physics degree. By being a great student she was destined for success, first African american to get in MIT she also invented telecommunications. She had many famous quotes and created many opportunities for many young scientists, she also worked on nuclear research in Switzerland.

Her science awards!

1964- Graduated from Roosevelt high school as valedictorian.

1968- Graduated from Roosevelt high school as Valedictorian.

1993- Awarded New Jersey’s Governor's award in science.

1995- Appointed to chair the u.s. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

1997- Elected as chairman of the newly formed international