World Religions: Hinduism

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The most important belief in Hinduism and why it is.

The most important belief in Hinduism is to reincarnate enough to reach Moksha, the escaping of the world of Samsara. They believe this because eventually you could reach everlasting peace, or perfection.

Why do the believers of this religion want to follow its teachings?

They want to live in harmony, or dharma. Instead of having so many life distractions, you can let your soul just relax.

How does extremism in this religion justify its actions against non-believers?

They justify it based on their beliefs of reestablishing supremacy of Hinduism by promoting their caste system, Varnashrama-dharma.

Current event relevant to Hinduism.

India's leader won't eat with Barack Obama because it is during a fast for Hinduism.

Followers of Hinduism would support this because the fast is to honor the goddess of purity, Shakti. A couple of consequences (positive and negative) are listed below:

1. India's leader will continue to strictly honor his religion

2. There won't be such an impressive impression of India's leader on Barack Obama because his chefs made a wonderful dish of Indian cuisine and the Indian leader declined it.

Piece of Art that Represents Hinduism.

Piece of Art: Krishna with flute

Date: Between Circa 1790 and circa 1800

Author: Smithsonian Freer and Sackler Gallery

This painting is important because it shows one of Hinduism's most important god.

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Poem from Hinduism

Life and Death

Life, death, – death, life; the words have led for ages
Our thought and consciousness and firmly seemed
Two opposites; but now long-hidden pages
Are opened, liberating truths undreamed.
Life only is, or death is life disguised, -
Life a short death until by Life we are surprised.

- Sri Aurobindo

This explains how there is no death, only life because when you supposedly "die" you are reincarnated as a different being.