Digital Citizenship

What impact do we have on the internet?

The Internet: What's it for anyway?

What do we use the internet for?
  • Researching topics
  • E-mail
  • Games
  • Chatting with people who live far away
There are so many resources on the internet! But how do we stay safe on the internet? How do we act when we use the internet?

Using the internet is not much different than how we should act in real life. When we're on the internet we still interact with people and those people still have feelings.

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Being a Good Digital Citizen

Being Cyber Wise

It's important to be safe on the internet, but it's also important to keep up with the growing technology around us.

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My Online Neighborhood


Remember to think before you hit the send or enter button. Those buttons are powerful and can make a difference in the lives of everyone around you...make sure it's always a positive difference.

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You and your parents can find out more ways to be a good digital citizen and how to stay safe online by going to this link: