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Media Literate

Media is a wide spread of different types of thoughts, opinions and perspectives. I believe that it has taken over our lives as people especially technology. We always have our phones texting and not really talking on the phone. What about back then where they use to write letters to each other and you have to wait days to get it. There are pros and cons to the media. It could either ruin a famous person’s career or it could help make the celebrity succeed. The media can make rumors and twist the story around so people who watch television, read the newspaper, use the internet can be entertained. The media has a big impact on our lives especially new technology that is coming out. Everything revolves around money, power and technology if you don’t have any of that then your nothing to the world that’s what people say. In media it depends on your status, how you live, what you wear, what you eat and the people that you know. Media can advertise products to get the customers to invest or buy that product if it’s on sale. I believe that media literate means someone who can look past the masquerade and what we see from our perspective. Someone who can look farther than the average person and has more knowledge and know how everything works. Media literate means enabling people to analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. Media is a struggle for people and we just accept it because it entertains us as a society and that’s sad.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Puppy Love

Budweiser in the Super bowl Commercial, "Puppy Love"(2014), He claims that a puppy and a horse, it doesn't matter what kind of animal can come together as one and enjoy each others company. Budweiser supports his idea by showing a puppy that keeps running from the adoption center always coming back to the pony over and over again. The author's purpose is to show people coming together as one and enjoying each other's company in order to promote the Budweiser. The author writes in a cheerful tone for young people who like to drink beer, puppies and for young couples.

spoken word on fear

Fear, government ruling, no knowledge and innocence that's all they know. no one can beat the government on their own. no one to trust, no eye contact, you can't even breathe the wrong way. Death and people being harassed every day, sleepless nights wondering when your time is going to run out. wondering how you could've done things differently.The society i'm in is dark, no love, and silence everywhere i go cameras are watching me and microphones can hear everything. what happened to my freedom of speech? where is my freedom to express myself? people in society just follow the government because fear. fear is nonexistent, we can rise above that if we all come together. Gotta find people to trust, Gotta be smart and be careful of how i approach people. Is society ever going to change for the better? every corner i turn it's dark and i feel trapped like i'm in a box. i can't breathe there's no oxygen, no space to move freely. i feel as though i have chains and shackles on my wrists and ankles trying to be set free. what is my purpose of living? i'm not safe, thoughts are running through my head and long nights without sleep thinking on how i can make a change. Am 'I ever going to get caught? there's no way out unless I pack my bags and go, but what if i get caught by the paroles? i probably would die trying. or maybe i should stay and find out more information. I've been pretending like everything is fine and the way it's supposed to be. something keeps tugging on me to find a way past the government. I don't know how though. What if i tell the wrong person? I could get locked up or even worse killed; I'm too young too die.
Powerful Spoken Word Of The Week: The World Is Coming To An End!
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Raw video footage police brutality of Oscar Grant

Police brutality

Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 12-9pm

Atlanta, GA, United States

Atlanta, GA

Good evening, Georgia. I apologize if you think I'm wasting your time. But at this time our brothers and sisters are getting abused by the people who were sworn to protect us from bad in society. But honestly who can we trust if the police are aganist us too? We have to fend for ourselves but that would create a bigger issue. I can't stand to let this go on any longer without anybody doing anything about it. Many people might see it happen but are scared and to much in fear to do anything. You don't want to get harmed or arrested. You might record what's happening and be upset but you don't do anything that makes an impact on people. I want you to take a few minutes out of your day and think about the struggles and the many people we lost and lastly people who were injured from police brutality. I've had enough of hearing on the news about somebody getting beaten by the police. The police was suppose to defend us and fight for justice. Their just being cruel and taking advantage of the power they have. Janurary 1st was in rememberence of a guy who didn't deserve to die, but he lost his life. But since society is jacked up now I guess anything goes. Even though this day was a tragedy I want to mark this day as a new beginning, where we stand up aganist police brutality and everything that is wrong in society instead oof looking away.Because it's not right and the police are getting away with manslaughter and murder. When did this first begin? What happened to our protection? It's not right for the police to not be charged for killing or injuring an innocent person. Or get charged but get a shorter sentence because they are respected because they are police officers. Everybody should be be equal and not try to justify what they did. I bet while I'm telling you this some police officers are upset and probably wanna harm or kill me and some are ashamed and upset. Everybody is responsible for their own actions can't blame it on anyone and make excuses. I'll make everyone remember what happened on New Years of 2009 to remind the people of what they are doing wrong and that something needs to change for the better. If you feel as though everything I'm saying is not worth your time then go about your business and still live in fear. But if you want to make a big impact on society and want justice and want to be protected. Then I ask that you stand with me to protest with me a year from tonight, outside downtown Atlanta, and together as one unit we shall give our people a first of Janurary that shall never be forgotten. The people should not be afraid to use their voices, we have freedom of speech, why not use it. If we stand together as one then nobody can destroy us. Now that I got all that out my system I just wanna say goodnight.

My course reflection

In 12th grade Media Literacy I have learned a lot of information in only 9 weeks. When I first arrived in this class I thought this semester was going to be boring. What I love about this class is that it’s basically hands-on, there’s always something to accomplish and you have to really think and comprehend what you are reading in the exercises that she gives us. I also liked how the class was all mainly all about media, something that our generation understands and enjoy doing in everyday life. What I didn’t like about the class was that we had to do précis most of the time when we had to read an article. I understand that the teacher just wanted us to learn how to write good and for us to point out the main ideas in the piece of writing. But I can honestly say it was a struggle sometimes. She taught me to appreciate writing and that it will make a good impact on my writing skills when I get to college. This class would be better than an original British literature class. Even though I knew a lot about social media in the beginning, there is always something new to learn. In some of the topics that we talked about inspired me to make a change in our society. I enjoyed reading the books about the government having control of the people. I learned that we are experiencing the same things in our society and we should not live in fear but be ourselves and open. I believe that this class has impacted me the most because we talk about what goes on the news, facts and different perspectives. If I was to have a say in what should be different for the upcoming students I would have to say have debates so the students will be able to interact more with and be able to learn from different perspectives and opinions. You could learn how their thinking process is and how they understand and comprehend the information.

The Pale-blue dot

The video a Pale blue dot by Carl Sagan was beautiful. It showed all the people that we see on a daily basis and what we do on a normal basis. The problem with us is that we take each other for granted and we like to always be at war with each other. We are all supposed to love and care for each other until the end of time. It’s getting to that point where the world is coming to an end. We are so apart of the world on social media throwing money and the air and acting like there is nothing better than being rich and famous. That’s not what living on earth is all about. When are we going to realize that the way we live and communicate matters and we need to do better about what we do on a daily basis. We are ruining our community as a whole with the wars and we are polluting the air. What really hit me and made me think is when he said that we are just a tiny pale blue dot with all our friends, family and superstars we know. We are really small and I believe that we are not going to finally come together as one until it’s too late. If I was to make a mark on the planet I would want it to impact and inspire people to do better with their lives and not blame it on everybody else and the world because of a struggle they went through in their past. All I want is for everyone to get along with each other and not fight over unnecessary conflicts. Also I want people to help people who are in need to have a better life. I could contribute by leading by example and getting people inspired to make a difference and help the community more and people will be more appreciative.

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan