Summer Vacation

Abby Guerra's SMART Goal

Saved by June 1st!


Specific: For my SMART goal, I am saving up to pay for a portion of the trip as well as souvenirs. The money is for a vacation in the summer that is to be determined.

Measurable: I am saving $100 at a rate of $25 a month

Attainable: I will attain the money from doing chores, babysitting, and from a job that starts in April.

Relevant: This goal is worthwhile for me so I am able to have a new experience as well as keep a reminder from the trip. I am able to commit because it is a realistic amount of money and it is important that I pay for my portion of the trip.

Time-Bound: I want to be able to complete this goal and be able to have money to go on my vacation as well as to have souvenirs by June 1st.