Problem Solving

Using one step equations to solve problems with decimals

Standards and Anchors:

CC.2.2.7.B.3 Model and solve real-world and mathematical problems by using and connecting numerical, algebraic, and/or graphical representations.

Essential Question:

How can I write an algebraic equation to solve a problem?

Learning Task:

Use all of the skills you learned throughout the week to solve the problem below. Follow each step in the lesson and be sure to submit each requirement to receive full credit.

Grade: Total assignment is worth 15 pts.

Big image

Step 1 : Understanding the Problem (2 pts)

Read the problem above (just look at the main problem, not the Extra). What important math information and relationships do your notice? (Hint: If Alexa is asking friends to sponsor her for $0.80 per mile and she plans to walk 9.25 miles, how much will each friend donate toward her goal?)

Click here and post your ideas in the Padlet. When you are done come back here for Step 2 of the lesson.

Grade: 2 pts. for Padlet post.

Step 2: Make a model (3 pts)

Draw a picture or representation of the relationships going on in the problem. If you are ready to write an equation your can do that too. You can also wait for the next step. When your drawing is ready, take a screen shot or photo of it and post it to this Padlet. Make sure you look at the ways in which your classmates have represented the problem. Then come back and finish the lesson when you are done.

Grade: 3 pts for picture/representation posted on Padlet

Step 3: Write an Equation (5 pts)

Write an equation for the math relationship described in the problem. Remember that the variable represents the missing piece. What are you trying to find in the problem? That is your variable. Once your write the equation, use inverse operations to solve. Be sure to check your answer. (Hint: Remember that Alexa cannot have half a friend.) Save your work and answer so that you can submit it to the assignment when you finish the Extra problem.

Grade: 5 pts for writing and solving equation

Step 4: Solve the Extra Problem (5 pts)

Go back and read the extra problem. How does Alexa's uncle's donation affect the total amount of money she needs to raise? Modify your original equation and solve for your new answer. Show all of your thinking and steps. Submit this answer with the answer from the first problem to the assignment in Moodle.

Grade: 2 pts for new equation and 3 pts for solving and answer