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December 2015

Hangar Theater by Marlea Monroe

Both fourth grade classes are working on a project with the Hangar Theater. We are making a play about "Soaring" and telling little kids to SOAR (S=Safe O=Open Hearts and minds A= Aim high R=Responsible). In the middle of the play we have the Enfield eagle come in and tells the students what they did wrong and talks to them about being safe,open hearted,to aim high,and be responsible.

We are learning about stage directions. We learned about levels on the stage some people have to be up high, some in the middle and some down low on the stage. We do something called "cheating out" for example if you were saying something to another actor you have to turn so the audience can see the front of your body not your back.

I am glad that I get to work with Hangar Theater instructors, it is a great experience!

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Afterschool Sunrays Program by Caiden Rider

Every Tuesday and Thursday certain kids who signed up for the program stay after school for different programs. One of the classes is SIgn Language. Miss Joann is our teacher for the Sign Language class. I am in the Sign Language class . We sit down and learn sign language and play sign language Bingo and Letter Bingo. If we win Bingo we get a piece of candy. It is a lot of fun and I have learned a lot of Sign Language.

Another class in the Sunrays afterschool program is Arts and Crafts with Ms. Mordach as the teacher. We make arts and crafts for December holidays. I love after school programs!

Mr. Dresen's classes country reports By: Makenna Monroe

Mr.Dresen's third grade class is doing country reports from around the world!! First we learned about the world, the seven continents, the oceans . We looked on maps and learned about where continents and oceans were located and the names of oceans that were next to continents. Our whole class got to pick a country to research. Some students are studying China, others are studying Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Kenya and Mexico. They are reading books and using the iPads to research information about their country's. After they read and write information they are using computers to type up their reports and get photos from the country they are studying.

Books Books by Emily Smith


Looks like you don’t want to read this, but IT’S AWESOME!


This paper is to tell you awesome books you can find in the library, or other libraries can get them for you. If kids have interest in a book ask me, my name is Emily you can find me in fourth grade if you go to Enfield! Thank you! Keep reading. Have a nice day!

  • Hi, books you can get are these:

  1. Where The Sidewalk Ends: this book offers funny but lovely poems!

  1. Believe it or Not: this book tells you crazy, crazy ,things that are real. Most you might not believe.

  1. Amelia’s Middle-School Graduation:this book tells you what Amelia’s life,then she begins to graduate. She tells you here life and what she does in middle school.

  1. Anne of Avonlea : A care free girl now lives with her strict aunt named Mariella and nice uncle named Matt all with her best friend she( this is a old days book to be shared with all [ kids love these books)

5. Johnny Boo: Johnny boo is a funny book to entertain you and make you laugh! Like a comic book! Too funny! Listen to this part in Johnny Boo and the Happy Apples”You’re not going up Johnny Boo.”said Squiggle ”I’m stuck!”said Johnny Boo EVEN IF HE WAS A INCH OF THE GROUND!

6. Favorite Greek Myth:This book tells tales of the wonderful god and godess.

7.Galaxy: Beautiful pictures of outer space.

Holiday Jokes! By Makenna Monroe, Saya Funaba O'Brien and Heather Dann

Why does the snowman go to the market? To pick his nose ( get it a carrot!)

What did the Elf do in school ?

the ELF abet

Birthdays By Tiffany Clausell


Birthdays are always coming up so here are some ideas for the celebrations. One idea is a "lights camera action" movie party with photographers, a red carpet and a big cake. Another idea is a fire fighter party. You can play pin the hose on the fire fighter an dress up as a firefighter and there will

be a big cake mmmmm. Finally you can do a sea creature party with fake crabs,dolphins and an octopus and of course a big cake. Now you know some ideas for birthday parties for you or a friend. Happy birthday!

Be Prepared For Winter by Emma Dingman

Do you want to stay in for recess. I definitely don't. To make sure that you don't make sure you bring in the stuff that you need to go outside now it's your time at school.

Make sure You bring some snow pants, mittens or gloves,hats and boots .

Now you can be prepared for winter.

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An Interview with Mr. Goodman by Tiffany Clausell

Hi Everyone, I am meeting with Mr. Goodman today to ask him some questions:

Do you love teaching? Why or why not?

Yes of course I love teaching I'm an old man and everyone I know is old so I like seeing young people and hearing their fresh ideas everyday if you're not a teacher you should try it.

What's your favorite subject to teach? why

My favorite subject to teach in the whole world is music, because in music kids get to work together all the time and everybody has at least one favorite song they love.

if you would have any other job in the world what would it be? why?

If I could have any other job in the world it would be to write children's books many children's books aren't so good for kids it’s like they were written for adults to read so I would love to write books that are kids right here in Enfield like books about hunting about fishing and things like that .

What are your hobbies ?

Two hobbies I have right now are doing magic tricks and riding my bicycle.

Have you worked in other grades?

I have with another grades I taught kindergarten through 5th grade science which was really cool kids can see me once a week like they would come to miss Gilroy or Mr K once a week

Do you have any kids?

Yes I have one smart kid and one dumb dog

Where did you grow up?

I moved around alot before my family moved to Buffalo when I was 9 years old Buffalo’s in New York State and it's home to Niagara Falls And the Buffalo Bills.

Have you ever traveled?

Yes I love traveling one story I can tell you is that I played in a rock band and we traveled around the country for a little while that was less fun than you might think.

What is one of your favorite books?

Ms. Gilroy did a really cool display about this last year and kids remember me holding up all 7 of the Harry Potter books I had it all of 5th graders to read these books did the best kids books hands down

What's your favorite food?

I have three favorite foods that chocolate chip cookies, french fries and broccoli but not at the same time

What's your favorite movie? why?

Well one of my favorite movies is the same as my interviewers Tiffany it's The Wizard of Oz many people having scenic is it 75 years old but it's totally worth seeing and it’s scary.

An Interview with Mr. D by Heather Dann

Hi Mr. D, is it OK if I ask you some questions?

Do you like teaching kids? Yes I do like teaching kids.

What's your favorite subject you like to teach to your student? Math

Who's your best friend in the world? my wife Corey

Do you like teaching students ? Yes I do.

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Weird but True - December by Caiden Rider

In Italy you can buy fresh pizza from a vending machine

Days were only 18 hours long a billion years ago

There are 100 foot tall sand dunes in Alaska

Scorpions glow under black light

A woman's heart usually beats faster than a man's heart

A queen bee can lay 2000 eggs in a day in the spring

It’s impossible to see a full rainbow in the sky at noon

Some frogs survive the winter by freezing almost solid

Your feet have 500000 sweat glands

Leeches can live in your nose

pug + beagle = puggle

Penguins swim up to 3100 miles in a year

It's not possible to tickle yourself

You breathe in 2000 gallons of air a day

A man once ate 49 glazed donuts in 8 minutes

A river in Canada once turned red

A male African cicada Can make A sound as loud as A power mower

Spit can freeze in mid air at the North Pole

There about 3000 lightning flashes on earth every minute

Hamsters teeth never stop growing

Ants have lived on earth for some 140 million year’s

I got these from a book called Weird But True Facts.