Student Government Handbook

By: Carter Collis

Individual States

Government is a big part of why the US is broken up into individual states, if the national government had to run everything in the country, it would be chaos, that is why we have individual states, that way there are local and state governments as well as a federal government so they can all help each other out and so the federal government doesn’t have to worry about some of the smaller issues that occur like repairs of just little local roads.

What is Constitution

A constitution keeps the government in order, it is a set rules made for the government, it has nothing to do with keeping people restricted. A constitution restricts the government from doing whatever they want. The state and national levels both have their own government, therefore they must have a constitution at both levels.

The Preamble

Here is what our government has promised to do for us

  • In order to form a more perfect union-to make everything in our country as perfect as possible
  • Establish justice-to create fairness for all

  • Insure domestic tranquility-to promise that everything in our country will be peaceful

  • Provide for the common defense-to give protection to everyone

  • Promote the general welfare-care for those in need

  • Secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity-to make sure freedom and fairness continues for ourselves and all our children and their children and their children and every generation to come

State Government Flowchart

This flow chart is showing what each branch of government does or is responsible for and how each branch is connected. The federal flowchart and the state flowchart are basically the same just they each talk about their own positions at each level. For example, the state flowchart talks about the governor while the federal flowchart talks about the president. A citizen can become involved in the government by voting for the electors, or even electing the leaders at the state level.

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  • Why doesn’t Federalism always work?

Federalism doesn’t work in the case of an accident like Katrina because the state government and national guard were not prepared. This led to them scrambling to figure what to do and by then everything was destroyed and there was no communication going on to fix things.

  • Explain to your reader what it takes for federalism can work?

We need to make sure our public officials understand how the federal system of government works. Governments need to be prepared, for example, they need to have emergency plans, they need to be able to communicate and governments need to know how to help. Governments also need to be held accountable.


  • Why would you contact either your senator or member of the House of Representatives? Federal government addresses things concerning federal laws and crimes and things like that, they pretty much take care of all the big problems. The Federal Government would be contacted if you wanted to create a law or if you wanted to pass a bill.

  • A link to contact your federal senator or House Representative

  • Why would you contact a member in the Illinois General Assembly? State government manages state highways, hands out licenses, they handle state taxes and many other things. The Illinois General Assembly would be contacted if you wanted to propose a bill or if you wanted to ratify a law.

  • A link to contact a member of the Illinois General Assembly


How do I vote? You would have to go to a polling station in order to vote, for more info contact your local government election department.

How do I sign up for the selective service?

Here is a link with information:

How do I get my drivers license? Here is a link:

What do I do if my name is selected for jury duty?

Here is a link:
Why do I have to pay taxes? To finance things all around you, locally and for your state and country

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