Design Cycle - Investigate and Design


Identify the problem

NISC does not have a DT lab and DT, as a subject, will be offered to MYP students next year - so we need to build a DT lab fast! I will design a design technology (DT) lab using the old music rooms.

Design Brief

I will design the DT lab using Google sketch up.

Target Audience

All MYP students will be using the technology Lab and my design will be showed to The Apsara Architecture Company, The Dub-Step Construction Company and Super-Strong Tool Suppliers.

Design Specifications

4 emergency exits

Air follows

maximum natural light

emergence power

place for washing hand

eyes washing

A place for lock important items

loading area

Nice areas which students can work.

It should hold at least 25 students and a teacher

have some furniture and toys for children

materials such as wood, iron or other.

Testing Method

My product will be

presented to three classmates.

I need some specific

questions for them

Check-box format,

and opinions

The product should

be exact.

Research and Skill Development

To develop my understanding I used http://classroom.4teachers.org/ to redesign the technology lab.

To design as detail as, I used Google Sketch Up to redesign the 3D technology lad.

To create investigation section, so we searched on www.go2web20.net. We found www.smore.com to use as design cycle report.

I researched on Google about other people's technology designs, and the website were www.technologyideas.co.uk, http://www.oaktree.ac.in/page.cfm?p=369 and www.wikipedia.ord, and here is some information

___Design technology, or D.T., is the study, design, development, application, implementation, support and management of computer and non-computer based technologies for the express purpose of communicating, using various mediums, product design intent and constructability as well as to facilitate product operation and maintenance and to ultimately improve overall product design realization, construction, operation and maintenance.

At times there is cross-over between D.T. and Information Technology, however, whereas I.T. is primarily focused on overall network infrastructure, hardware & software requirements, and implementation, D.T. is specifically focused on supporting, maintaining and training design and engineering applications and tools and working closely with I.T. to provide necessary infrastructure, for the most effective use of these applications and tools. [Source from WIKIPEDIA] ___


Final Design

My final design that I chose is second one and the reasons why this is the best are:

  • I think kids are not many so I remove tables, and put just little
  • Other space is for play, and I put just some selves that they really need. I think this is the best way that children aren't hurt because space is big
  • There is emergency equipment
  • There is a bathroom
  • there is 2 normal doors and 1 emergency door.
  • fire extinguisher