Weekly Update

November 30 - December 6

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are thawed from our chilly trip to Pasco, and that you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. This is going to be an interested week so please make sure you read all of this email very carefully! To The Dome we go!!!

You girls kicked BUTT at the football game! Thank you for your energy and excitement - that's what you should always look like. I expect that this weekend in The Dome!

**I am out of town tomorrow through next Wednesday. I will have limited access to my email, so if you have a question, please make me your last resort.


Malia, Lynndy, MadS & Brigid:

Thank you, girls, for your commitment and dedication to the fall season! You girls have been great! With our last fall game coming up on Saturday, I just wanted to take a minute to 'thank you' personally.

Malia, Lynndy, & MadS - it's your LAST cheer event as a student. I love you girls so much, and am so grateful for you all! It's been so much fun having you on the squad this year.

Check Schoology for an updated December calendar and key.


  • State meeting in Hurley Hall at Lunch
  • Practice in Student Center 3-4:30 pm

- TUESDAY: Nothing

- WEDNESDAY: White squad cheers GBB at LC with a 5:00 pm arrival; Ashley is your coach.

- THURSDAY: Mass is dedicated to Winter sports. I encourage you all do go together as a team.

- FRIDAY: Nothing

  • Be at the main entrance of Prep BY 9:45 am. The bus leaves at 10:00 am.
  • Bring Blue uniform, silver bow, shoes and poms. Bring liner and leggings just in case.
  • You will get your room assignments once we get to the hotel.
  • Emily will be the coach going over with you. Ashley may be able to go, but I won't know until mid week.
  • Once in Tacoma, you will do dinner somewhere before the game.
  • Be at the Tacoma Dome, dressed and ready by 7:00 pm.
  • Curfew for the night will be determined once we know what time we will get back to the hotel after the game.

- SUNDAY: Leave for Spokane around 8:00/9:00 am. You should be back in Spokane around 1:00/2:00 pm.


This trip is a school sanctioned trip, so you are all expected to behave to the standard set for a Gonzaga Prep student - and the standard us coaches have set for you as a G-Prep Cheerleader. Regardless of your age, you are under the supervision of the coaches. Any misconduct whatsoever will result in being benched for the game, or, at worst, being sent home.