Insanity Instructor Training!

The Alaska Club East

Insanity Instructor training!

INSANITY Certification

Getting Certified to teach the hottest fitness program around will make you the hottest instructor in town.

Ready to up your game? Max out enrollment in your classes? And help your clients get the most INSANE results ever?

Then don't miss your chance to get INSANITY® Certified.

Imagine how you'll feel helping people reach their fitness goals. All eyes will be on you as you rip through the most insane workout ever put together—teaching, training, inspiring, and motivating everybody in your class to push past their limits, Dig Deeper®, follow your lead, and get totally ripped.

How crazy is that? You'll be giving INSANITY your own spin, packing your classes with people looking for a real pro to help them get the kind of INSANE results they never thought they could get.

Ready to up your game? Get Certified. Become an expert on INSANITY. Your reputation will blow up. Your confidence will amp up. Gyms will respect you. And the people you leave dripping in sweat will thank you.

Insanity Instructor Training

Saturday, June 1st 2013 at 9am-5pm

5201 E Tudor Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507

What is INSANITY® Certification?
  • INSANITY Certification is an action-packed, fun, and sweat-filled Certification Workshop that allows fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike to become INSANITY Certified so they can teach INSANITY in gyms and other fitness facilities, and use the official INSANITY logo and other licensed materials as part of their professional credentials.