Sato Library To Go

updated November 18, 2020

We're Offering the Library- To Go!

Here’s an easy way to keep students reading during CDL. Use Sato’s Library To Go to request and check out books from the Sato library. Twice a week we’ll host curbside pick up so you can grab your books and go. There's even a Book Bus that will bring books directly to your neighborhood.

How to Request Books

There are several ways you can request books from the Sato library:

  • Browse the Sato Library catalog to search for books and place a hold. All you need is a BSD ChromeBook or iPad! You can access the catalog on any device with your student ID number and password. For more information on how to place holds, check out this video.

  • Complete this Google form to request a specific title or a book bundle.

  • E-mail Mrs. Fry with a specific title or subject request.

What is a Book Bundle?

Instead of browsing the library shelves for ideas of what to read, book bundles bring browsing to you!

Book bundles are an opportunity for families to take home a bundle of books designed to spark excitement about reading and to introduce kids to new topics, characters, or series. For parents/caregivers, it’s a quick way to check out a fresh batch of books without searching the catalog and placing holds. Families who checked out book bundles from the public library over the summer have shared their excitement about receiving these bundles and discovering fun surprises and new favorites.

Looking for a personalized recommendation?

Feel stuck and not sure what to read next? Fill out this form, and Mrs Fry will create a book bundle recommended just for you.


One of the book bundles that will be available for student requests this year is #readwoke. Inspired by the work of Cicely Lewis of Fulton County Georgia, #readwoke Book bundles will include a variety of everybody books, fiction, and nonfiction texts that will allow students experience books as mirrors that reflect the unique joys and challenges of their lived experience, and and windows that can open their awareness to the joys and challenges of those whose lived experience is different from their own. Selections will be age-appropriate.

How do I know when to pick up my books?


When a requested book or book bundle is available for a student, families will receive email notification. Curbside pick up is available at Sato:

  • TUESDAYS -- 2:30-4:00 pm

  • Fridays -- 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Please arrive for pickup of requested items only after you have received the confirmation message. Surprise bundles will be available for patrons who have not placed requests. If these times don’t work for your family, please email Mrs Fry.

Hop on the Magic Book Bus


Ok, so it's not really magic, and you can't really hop on, but it is a magical new addition to the Sato library that is sure to be as exciting as any of Ms. Frizzle's field trips (sorry, Arnold). Pick up requested books and book bundles, or take home a surprise bundle! The Sato Book Bus will run every Tuesday through November 24. Beginning December 2, the bus will run on WEDNESDAYS. Route details below.

NW Orchid St @ Ulrich Gerber Park
1:34-2:04 PM

Serving students living north of Springville Rd and east of Kaiser Rd

NW 159th Ave @ NW Heckman Lane
2:08-2:38 PM

Serving students living north of Springville Rd and west of Kaiser Rd

NW Mustang Terr & NW Rondos Dr
2:43-3:13 PM

Serving students living north of Laidlaw Rd and south of Springville Rd

NW Argyle Way & NW 167th Place
3:16-3:46 PM

Serving students living south of Laidlaw Rd

Always wear a mask and social distance while waiting at book bus stops. 😷

Returning library books

Just bring books back to Sato during the designated check out hours or to your neighborhood book bus and leave them in labelled bins. Can't make the scheduled times? E-mail Mrs. Fry to arrange a drop off. If you receive an email about library items you have already turned in, please contact Mrs. Fry.