Connecting students to post-secondary education

Hello TRIO Talent Search Sophomores and Juniors

Welcome to the May 2016 edition of TRIO Connect. This month we will cover the following topics:


  • What to expect as a TRIO Member your Junior Year
  • What you can do as a Junior to get ready for college


  • What to expect as a TRIO Member your Senior year
  • How to get ready to apply to college over the summer

Sophomores, this section is for you!

Welcome to Junior ETS! Up until now, as an ETS member all you have had to do is participate in class when we come and visit. (Thank you for your great work!) But, now that you're an upperclassman, YOU are going to have to take some additional steps to make sure you are getting the benefits of ETS:

You can expect your ETS Advisor (Mrs. Bourget) to:

Plan an individual meeting to help you create your college plan

Plan campus and college visits

Assist you and provide financial support for the ACT and other entrance exams

Give you access to academic help

Plan monthly meetings to provide relevant and important information

Plan field trips that help you explore careers and different cultures

Provide opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills

Help you make a plan for your college and career future

Support you, Encourage you, and Believe in YOU!

Your ETS Advisor expects that you will:

Have contact with the program a MINIMUM of 6 times

Attend an individual college planning meeting

Attend a MINIMUM of 1 college or campus visit

Attend monthly meetings

Take an active role in exploring your college options

Take your academics seriously and choose rigorous courses

Above all we want to see you be successful!

If you have any questions about any of the expectations please feel free to contact us!

So Juniors, you're going to be a Senior... now what?

Being a TRIO Talent Search Member as a Senior is very similar to what it was like as a Junior. As a reminder, though, here is what we expect from you as a Talent Search Member:

- Attend Monthly Meetings (If you miss one, make sure that YOU reach out and get the information from your advisor.)

- Have at least 6 contacts.

- Fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and share your award letter with your advisor so we can make sure you have enough to cover the cost of college.

- Fill out applications to and attend post-secondary education.

- Keep in contact with us! If we email you, email us back. If we set up a meeting, come. If you sign up, show up.

We are so excited to see you succeed another year!

Are you ready?!

This summer begins an adventure-- applying and going to college! Your junior and senior years are going to be a fun whirlwind, and in addition to your classes, you will be working on applying for college and scholarships and making sure you're ready for the next step of your life. But are you ready?! Take this quiz to find out!

Getting to College in 4 Easy Steps

I know that it may seem like getting started applying for college the SUMMER before your junior and senior years may feel super early.'s not! This summer is the time for you to start getting things ready to apply and enroll in the college of your choice. Don't worry, though, we (with the help of KnowHow2Go) have broken down this process into 4 easy steps:

1. Be a pain.

This doesn't mean annoy everyone around you, but it does mean to share with folks you're headed to college and ask for any help and advice they can give. Know your resources and use them!

2. Push yourself.

Summer isn't a time to lay around and relax! (Ok, not the whole time anyway!) Get a job. Volunteer. Make sure your taking challenging courses your junior and senior years. All of these things help you look great to those colleges you want to apply to.

3. Find the right fit.

Now is the time to visit those campuses your interested in if you haven't already. If you can't visit them in person, at least look at their websites. Many colleges will offer virtual tours of their campuses. Once you find a few you like, make sure to practice their application questions so you're ready to turn in your applications September of your senior year.

4. Get your hands on some cash.

Don't let the cost of college make you not apply. There is aid out there to help you! Be ready in October to meet with your advisor to start the Financial Aid process. In the mean time, though, get a job and start saving!

For more information on the four easy steps, check out the link below.