Classroom News- Week of December 7

A joint newsletter from Mrs. King and Ms. Craig

What are we learning?

FYI- We have flipped the testing days for the reading and social studies tests. The reading test will now be on Thursday, and the social studies test will be on Friday. This gives students 1 more day to study for the social studies test :)

In reading, this week we are reviewing skills such as summarizing, sequence, and theme. Students will practice these skills while reading our story of the week, which is a fairy tale! Tuesday, students will take the reading MAP test. Thursday, they will take the language arts MAP test. These scores will be used to guide instruction and reconfigure our reading groups for the upcoming 9 weeks. Thursday's reading quiz will actually be counted as a test grade to help add another test grade to this 9 weeks. Friday, is also the 4th and 5th grade Spelling Bee. Have your child study the bright yellow packet of words if they would like to participate! In grammar this week, we are continuing to work with verbs and verb tenses. Students will be tested over possessives, action verbs, and verb tenses on Monday, December 14th. They will receive a review on Friday.

In social studies, we are discussing the American Revolution along with its effects. We will be building upon students' knowledge of the events leading up to the war. During this time, we will also discuss the Declaration of Independence, its purpose and make up. Friday, students will take a social studies test over these concepts. A review sheet was sent home yesterday with the information they will be tested over. It is a golden yellow color. I highly recommend helping your child study for this test. They can make flashcards to help review the concepts.

In math this week, we will be working with fractions. In fourth grade, students learned how to add and subtract fractions with like denominators. We will begin adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. This concept will include finding the lowest common denominator and writing fractions in simplest form. This concept can be difficult for some students because fractional parts are very different from whole numbers. We are really excited for this journey!

In science, we are taking a test today, Tuesday December 8th, over Force, Motion and Energy. Students will come home this afternoon with a completed and checked review to study. It is important that they study the concepts so that they are able to apply them to higher level questions. Then, on Wednesday, we will begin a unit on the Earth, Moon and Sun. This is a neat exploration about seasons, revolution, rotation, and how our solar system works. Students will begin to understand that the sun is at the center of everything. We will learn new vocabulary such as axis and orbit!

Coming Up!

MAP testing will continue over the next 2 weeks!

12/8 Reading MAP Test/ Force, Motion and Energy science test

12/10 Language Arts MAP Test/ Reading Test

12/11 Spelling Bee at 1pm/ Social Studies Test

12/14 Science MAP Test/ Grammar Test

12/18 Assembly/Winter Party/ Early Release @ 12PM

12/19- 1/4 Winter Break

1/4 Teacher Workday and Student Holiday

1/5 Students Return from Winter Break