Life in the Labyrinth

Subha Pranathi Nanduri

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All About Me!!!

"'The state of Nevada has a problem with you...'" (1). Rick Walker is a juvenile delinquent that is aged fourteen and is a big troublemaker. Due to the unnecessary things he does, he is sent to a detention center in Blue Canyon. To escape the harsh location, he runs away and ends up in the back of a pickup truck that belongs to a bird re-leaser. After staying back with Lon, his life changes.

The Canyonlands

The canyon lands had a great impact on Rick Walker, because the desolate location forced Rick's scariest actions to come true and become a reality. Rick always had a dream of flying. Rick was taught by Lon to hang glide. Rick finally gets to live his dream. The canyonlands were the location of his learning career and that was the only place that he ever hang glided. By hang gliding, Rick interacts with the nature because he practically lives in it. The hang gliding helps him interact with the nature more. When Lon gets into a problem, Rick finds the best option being that he hang glides to spot the location of Lon.”He pulled on his gloves and jacked the radio wire at his shoulder into his helmet. He was set.”(203) He realized that he did it all by himself.

The Canyonlands

The canyon lands were the reason that Rick got more into saving Maverick and all the other birds. He gained the trait of being kind and caring towards animals, and especially birds. This part of nature affected Rick and his actions because this is what affects his final court hearing back in Nevada. “Rick Walker will serve the remaining six weeks of his original sentence, plus an additional six weeks, in service to the Condor Project, either at its Arizona site or its Utah site.”(227). Rick agrees to stay with Lon and help him for the remaining portion of his official sentence.

The Canyonlands

Rick also got the talent of learning to tend for condors and care for them. While living with Lon, Rick realized that there is more into nature than he thought. At first, it seemed that nature was nothing special. It was just nature. Although, after he explored around with Lon, Maverick and the other birds, nature was no longer nature. It was something bigger than he ever thought. All the things about birds, just got him more and more involved with Lon and the nature around him. At first, Rick was surprised how Lon could tell about which bird is which. That is when he gets to know about the craw. “‘They got a pouch in their esophagus that we call a crop in the bird biz…’” (79).