Monday - Module 13

Feature Topic: Think Before your Sign, Part 1

Module 13: Contracts, Bad Deals, & Inventory *Due Sunday, May 8
1) ASSIGNMENT: Module 13.3: Instrument Inventory Assignment

Hello Everyone!

I am starting to see some good assignments turned in for our Inventory Assignment. I want to comment on this though ... you have $15,000 to spend if you find out you have money left over, rethink your instruments and mics. Go for higher quality names: Pearl, Tama, Yamaha Sabian, and Zildjian for drumsets. Gibson Les Paul, Ibanez, Fender Strat, Rickenbacker for Guitars, and Yamaha or Roland for Keyboards. Mics, you can never go wrong with a Neumann U87 for vocals, Marshall Amps, etc. The main point is SPEND THAT MONEY!!!

If you have any questions let me know and I will be happy to help!

Have a great day!
Mrs. Moncrief

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Think Before you Sign

Part 1

It is so important to have a good music manager so that your band can be successful. However many new bands.artist just getting into the business are often fooled by scam artists only interested in a quick buck and a disappearing act to follow. Contracts are what create a professional expectation for all parties involved, so everyone knows what is required, and also the end result should be a successful outcome for everyone involved.

Music Manager Contract Basics

Here are a few important ideas to keep in mind:

  • Keep it Simple! - The language needs to be something that you and your band members understand.
  • Both parties should benefit from the deal - Make sure you and your manager are reaping the benefits, not just your manager.
  • It should be an honest deal - Do not look for ways to get our of things, no loopholes, only straight forward honesty.

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!