Kingston, Jamaica

Once you go you never know

Jamaica's great food

A main dish is rice, roast beef i know mmmmmm. Fruits and vegetables Yams , Peas , Ackees & sweet potatoes.

A traditional dish is chicken, Ackees and peas.

They like ripe Ackees.

jamaica's language

There main language is English

They have bad grammar

Jamaica's great culture , History & Art

Bob Marly grew up in Kingston, Jamaica.

was found by the europeans in the 1500's.

Won it's indapendance in 1962.

Dancing is apart of every day life in Jamaica.

Jamaica's warm Climate, Weather

  • In the winter the adv. is 75 degrease
  • In the summer the adv. is 80 degrease
  • In the mountains it drops to 40 degrease
  • The rainy months are may - june and september - october


  • If you want a water activity you can go to Dunn's River
  • Or show your respect's and go to Hero's national park


  • Go to Fort Nugget
  • or Gotto's cove