News from Lansargues, France

CE2 - CM2 class


We are from France.

We live in Lansargues, in the south of France.

We are 24 in the class ; 8 CE2 (8 years old) and 16 CM2 (10 years old)

Sports at school

During school time, for the moment, we swim and practice acrogym.

We also have prevention for road bike

Runing race for the CM2 pupils

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd 2012 at 9:30-11:45am

Lansargues, France

Lansargues, Languedoc-Roussillon

During the race, inside Lansargues city, we run 1500 meters. There is a race for the girls and one for the boys

Arrival of the first boy of the runing race: Jules from our class

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After school:

After school we can:

play handball, basketball or tennis

ride a horse (like Maëva just below)

play the piano ...

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One important activity in Lansargues

In our region we make a lot of wine, from different types : red wine, white wine and rosé.

Have a look below at a field of vineyards

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