The England Museum

Kaleb powers b2


"Noah"come on,"yelled Sam.We need to get there early,"OK", said noah.We need to get to are bus to take us to the British musem in london Engalnd. But gest wheird in the Museum.

Rising actoin

The time passed quckly as the boys explored the musuem".Sam lets go outside said Noah" when the boys tryed to leave when Sam tryed to open" the doors yelled Sam" cill yelled Noah let me try yah where lock in the musuem my wach say 9:09 but it is suppose to be 3:40 whats going on". Lets walk aroud and see if we can fix this said Sam yah lets do that said Noah. When then boys came acrouse this room and the doors slamed behind them "um Noah did you that" "um no Sam" hey ther is orb over ther what is it "dont touch it Noah yelled sam" I tooled you dont touch it" run now ruuuuun!!!!!!!!!


I told you dont touch it" I like we will be safe in hear" whisterd Sam yah lets go" we need a plan said Nouh" Nouh are you willing to distrac the halldog yah I will ok. Ready 3 2 1 go go go then had only had to distor the orb. Sam found the orb and befor the hellhounds could get to him he smashed it.


We did it said Noah joyfuly thets go some whare eles like Nouder Dam yah said Sam. Yhats the end of the story of the England Museum see you next time

The End