UN International Day of Peace at BMS 2015. In honor of this special day, commemorations and celebrations will take place all over the world including festivals and concerts. The International Day of Peace, or "Peace Day," provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and nations to undertake practical acts of peace on a shared date. Since its inception in 1982, Peace Day has marked our personal and planetary progress toward peace and has grown to include millions of people in all parts of the world.

Similar to the last years, BMS has registered with the United Nations as a participatory school for the 2015 International Day of Peace celebration on September 21st, 2015. In order to commemorate this day, we ask that all students wear a white T-shirt on this day. Students are also encouraged to bring in flags of their countries. We also plan a special performance with white peace branded Balloons and students have the opportunity to attach their wish for peace into the skies.

Please help and support us to make International Peace Day 2014 an extraordinary one!

BMS International Day of Peace - Course of Events

Monday, Sep. 21st, 2pm

122 Lindenstraße

Berlin, Berlin

  • Every student is wearing a white shirt and on the sports field.
  • At the entrances and exits to the school, each student will receive a white balloon to which they can attach their wishes for peace.
  • Please observe: do not pop or let the balloons go. All students and BMS staff proceed to the sports field.
  • A countdown will announce the precise moment when everyone will release their balloons
  • This spectacle will be photographed and filmed. Every participant will receive a photo via email and a link to stream the video


Dear BMS community,

After overcoming the first week of school and our first grader’s enrollment we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of the up-coming International Day. 4th Annual BMS International Day “Inspire each other - Grow together” Friday, September 25th from 3-6pm, in the BMS Courtyard.

As the first community school event of the academic year the International Day represents a great opportunity for new students and their families to be welcomed into the school community and experience BMS’s diverse cultural background, which includes 48 different nationalities.

The International Day team, a mixture of parents and students, has already been busily working on the preparation of this year’s International Day to connect to the success of the previous years and is now asking for your help. In order to make the planning reality we need the support of engaged BMS families that are willing to support this amazing event.

How you can help:

- Donate food (any fingerfood if it’s cake or traditional food from your country!)

- Help at or manage a country booth

- Share ideas for country specific games

We are hoping that the entire BMS community will work together to make the International Day a memorable one and ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved. If you would like to host a country booth a long side the already existing ones (Russia, Holland, Italy, India, Israel, Finland, Poland, Germany and UK), help support one of the mentioned booth or volunteer for one of many activities please send us an e-mail to or approach any of us ID prep members:

  • BMS: Martin Ecker (CCEP Director)
  • Secondary School Students: Catalina Bigalke (Water House) & Paul Friedrich (Fire House) & Satyam Pandu (Air House)
  • Parents: Heike Müller (Anna 5A & Marc 10th grade, Water House)
  • Michéle Ziegler (Marc 8A, Water House)
  • Mayuri Pandu (Satyam 11th grade, Air House)
  • Nathalie van Wuijckhuijse (Milo 5A, Carmen 8C, Dora 9, and Anna 12th grade, Air House)
  • Ulla Skaaning Mathiesen (Emily, 8C, Water House)


Your International Team

BMS CAMP WEEK - Grade 6 & 7 to Majuwi in Greifswald, Germany

From October 26th to 30st, 2015, the Grade 6 and 7 students will be travelling to the beautiful fishing village of Wiek, Germany. It is located at the mouth of the Ryck in the Bay of Greifswald - exactly halfway between the islands of Rügen and Usedom. This picturesque landscape and facility is ideal for class trips and provides a wide range of opportunities and activities. This unique experience offers a chance for the 6th and 7th graders to build a community outside the normal confines of our school. It is our hope that they build relationships that will last their duration here at BMS!

Departure on Monday, October 26th, 2015

We will be depart from Berlin Metropolitan School aboard a bus in the morning and drive directly to the facility lodging at Majuwi. It is important that the students bring a bagged lunch this first day as we will be eating on the road. Once we arrive, we will distribute the rooms and allow the students to explore the grounds and participate in whichever activities they choose.

Return to BMS on Friday,October 30st, 2015

We will be transported by coach back to BMS after breakfast. You are also invited to a presentation concerning the trip and further information. The price in total per student will be 260 euros. This amount will be deducted from your bank account if you so decide to sign up.

We need numbers to be finalized by 15th of September, 2015. Please confirm your child’s place on the trip as soon as possible using the attached permission slip, which has to be signed. There are a limited number of spots available (55 students). As a result, the booking must be done on a first come, first serve basis. In order to sign up, you must do an e-mail registration for this vacation program. If you and your child are interested, please register by emailing Staci Evans, whose e-mail address is included at the bottom of this letter, as soon as possible.

Please be aware that once these numbers are confirmed, we cannot change the bookings. If there are any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask.