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From the Chief School Administrator

May! May? Wait a second... are we REALLY in May? Where did the time go? A wonderful year of learning so far... but two more important months to go! With one hurdle of NJASK testing completed, we still have grades 3-6 left. If your child is testing, make sure they GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP & EAT A HEARTY, HEALTHY BREAKFAST! Please keep an eye on our calendar on our website for field trips, important parent meetings, and most importantly, to see how your child is growing, learning, and moving onward! Enjoy the wonderful weather! -Jay Eitner, CSA

Classroom Happenings:

In Miss Schroeder's Second Grade Class: In 2nd grade science, we have been learning about using and saving resources. We learned that we can reuse and recycle items that we thought were "trash," and make an AWESOME project with those items. Every student in the class brought in at least 10 pieces of "trash." Using the items that were brought in, students had to make something creative and unique in their groups. Students made castles, robots, ships, dragons, and even a rocket. All of these new creations were made with 100% recyclable materials. At the end of the project, all of the extra materials were sorted and recycled. The class enjoyed working together and creating something new from items that they thought were garbage.

In Mrs. Lally's Music Classes: In music right now the 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade are learning about musical theater and watching some of the most famous musicals ever made-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Fiddler on the Roof, and Phantom of

the Opera. The 5th grade students are becoming amazing keyboard players and the LAC Band and Chorus are working on music for a very exciting Spring Concert!

In Mrs. Mortimer's 6-8 Math Classes: Mrs. Mortimer's Math Classes have finished celebrating Pi Day and Pi activities and jumped right into preparing for the NJASK!

One of her fabulous students created this joke in regards to Pi activities:

"If Diameter and Radius had a race, who would win???" Well Diameter would win because Radius had to stop half way...

The 8th graders have learned how to find the slope of a line as well as how to solve linear equations. Students in 7th grade have mastered the skill of solving inequalities and proportions, and 6th graders have enjoyed finding the area and perimeter of various figures both composite and regular polygons!