Ms. Orourke's Class

History and Geography

By: Iris Ajunique, Sarah, Shawnacy


  • The Color's on Russia's Flag are white, blue, and red.


  • Russia's belongs in the Continent's of Europe and Asia.
  • Russia's longitude and latitude is 60 Degrees North and 90 Degrees East.
  • The Capital of Russia is Moscow.

People, Society, and Government

By: Trishna, Daniel, Chris, and Kyle


  • Last election was held March 4, 2012.
  • The president of Russia is Vladimir Putin and the Vice President is Federica Mogherini.

People and Society

  • Languages spoken in Russia include Russian, Tatar, and Armenian.
  • Clothing worn in Russia include Rubashka, Ushanka, and Thawbs.

Economy and Transportation

By: Isiah, Galy, Raphaela, and Natalia


  • The GDP of Russia is 2.097 trillion in 2015.
  • The name of Russia's money is Rubles.


  • Types of Cars Driven: In Russia there are fast cars and they all cost a lot of money.
  • Russia has 1216 airports.

Military, Climate, and Terrain

By: Emanuel, Valerie, Anthony, and Edgar


  • The climate in Russia is very cold in the winter. It snow a lot. In the summer its sunny and very hot in Russia.
  • Russia's terrain consists of snow, mountains, and rocks.

Attractions and Population

By: N'Kaiya, Marielis, Anika, and Jada

Four Tourist Attractions


  • Russia's population size is 143.5 million.
  • Russia has a life expectancy of 70.46 years.
  • Russia's Rate is ages 15 and older can read and write.

Celebrations and Foods

By: Eric, Gabriel, Vinayek, Ashten


Russia celebrates Christmas, Russian Day, New Years, and Vaction Day.


  • Famous foods include Uncle Bills stuffed sweet pepper, beef turkey, and bread.