HCS/131 Week 1

Introduction to Communication in the Workplace


Explain the major components of communication in the workplace

Explain the role perception plays in communication

Identify the principles of cross-cultural communication

Communication Barriers

Many things can create a communication barrier:

Internal Noise

External Noise

Semantic noise

Diverse Cultures

Cross Cultural Communication

Remember communication can be both verbal and nonverbal

Questions for Thought

1. What is the most important component of workplace communication? Why is this element more important than the others?

2. What are some strategies that can be used to understand the perception of all parties involved in communication?

3. Other than ethnic and language barriers, what cultural barriers might have an effect on health care in your community?

Cheryl Gates RN MSN PHN LHRM

Be sure and contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this course or any of the information presented. Remember this is your class, make it your own.