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Welcome to doTerra!

Welcome to your journey with doTERRA Essential Oils! Here

is just a little bit of information that might help you to start

taking control of your health. The following information will

help you LEARN more about your oils, how to PLACE

ORDERS and use your BACK OFFICE, in addition to providing

you with more information about doTERRA. Continue

reading to learn how to place future orders, maintain your

loyalty rewards, and even build a business!

Our team is available to help you get started and to answer the

questions that come up. Please come to events and use us as

a resource as you take control of your own health. We want

you to have all the information you need to be healthy and

successful with doTERRA.

We are passionate about empowering people to TAKE CONTROL of their

health naturally using side-effect free, powerfully pure essential oils. We

have a vision of a healer in every home, and strive to educate and empower

families with the tools to manage their healthcare in a way that is safer, cheaper,

and often more effective.

Your Personal Back Office and Website

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, you have your own website that allows

you to order your products and manage your account. You can also share the site with others who wish to order products. You should have received an email from doTERRA with your Wellness Advocate number in it and a link to your personal website.

This is your personal "back office." To have access to it in the future, go to www.mydoterra.com and type in your ID# and password (If I set up your account, your password is doterra). You can change your password inside the back office if you wish. Once you get your password and back office set up, you should also then be able to access your personal website. Your website should be www.mydoterra.com/(yourname). You can change the end of your website to something more personal if you wish. To change the ending of your website, get into your back office, click on the tab for website, then click on settings. Here you can change the ending of your website to your name, business name, or any unique identifier.

Setting Up Loyalty Rewards Order (LRP)

One of the most awesome things about doTERRA is the Loyalty Rewards Program. You are able to earn points for the orders you place! You exchange the points for free

products. Simple, easy, and all you have to do is manage your account, but I encourage you to order all of your product through the Loyalty Rewards Program. To view and change your loyalty rewards order, go to the MANAGE LRP ORDERS link, in your back office, on the left hand side of the page.

Additional Benefit: Product of the Month

One monthly Loyalty Rewards Order totaling 125pv or more, that is scheduled to ship on or before the 15th of the month will receive a free product!

New: The Share Program

The Share Program is an opportunity for all new Wellness Advocates to receive valuable gift packages by sharing dōTERRA with others. New advocates who love dōTERRA and want to receive free product can participate. Wellness Advocates who share doTerra within their first 60 days receive 20% fast start bonus but the incentive just got a little better. You can now earn up to 30% by opting into the Share Program. (15% in free product + 15% in fast start bonus= 30%)

Follow the link below to see more Share Program details.


Registering a new Wellness Advocate

Often times, when we find a great product or service, we enjoy telling others about it! With your wholesale membership, you have the ability to earn income through sharing the life-enhancing benefits of doTERRA essential oils with others. It’s simple to register new consultants! Before you register a new consultant, make sure your Loyalty Rewards Template is set to be over 100pv so you can be paid the commission. Then, go to Consultant Services at the top of the screen and choose “Register a New Consultant.” After selection “Wellness Advocate.” Simply follow the steps on the screen to enter their personal information. You also have a wonderful opportunity to build a successful doTerra business with great resources and a supporting team. If this is something your heart feels led to do please contact me so we can walk through the business concept.

Section 2: Using Your Oils

Essential Oil 101

ONE drop of doTERRA essential oils is potent and goes a long way. Not all essential oils are created equal. Your doTERRA Essential Oils are CPTG (Certified, Pure, Therapeutic, Grade), which means they are 100% natural, pure, and potent with no additives!

We use the oils both preventatively and to manage ailments. The Modern Essentials Book is a resource that will teach you what to do for your various health concerns. You may also search www.everythingessential.me to get some great ideas for specific oils

or health concerns. The following page will tell you which oils and supplements are suggested by Dr. Hill, as a model of prevention in a daily health routine.

There are three ways to use your oils:

Topically--any of doTERRA essential oils can be applied topically. Some may require mixing w/a few drops of fractionated coconut oil or olive oil--when trying to cover a larger area or especially for children. Massage in for 30 seconds-- to get blood flowing & not lose any to evaporation. Rubbing on bottom of feet is always a good place because of large pores. IF you get any in your eyes, it will not harm your eyes, BUT will sting. Just rub a little fractionated coconut oil around your eye.

Internally--most doTERRA oils can be used internally by swallowing w/small amount of water, drop on roof of mouth or under tongue, gargling with or in capsule form (maybe 1st want to try w/a few drops of fractionated coconut oil in capsule w/the EO). Consult Modern Essentials book.

Diffusing-- ALL doTERRA can be used aromatically. doTERRA sells the Lotus & Ace diffusers that can be used at the office, at home, at school. Be careful which diffuser you use. Select a good quality, heat-free diffuser. I recommend the Lotus, Ace, or Whisper (aromatools.com). You can also use an auto diffuser, if you're spending time in your car, motor homes, etc.

Other tips:

! The key with oils is to use LESS OIL, MORE OFTEN. For example, if you are sick, you will have better results by using one drop every hour, than 5 drops at one time.

! Your feet are always a great location to apply the oils and your body knows how to make the oils go to where they are needed. The oils are within your blood stream within seconds, and can affect your whole body within 20 minutes.

! If you are not seeing results with doTERRA Essential Oils, then most likely you are not using enough drops OR not using it often enough, especially with acute problems-hit it hard & fast. Use as often as needed -every 15 min if necessary - OR possibly switch to a different doTERRA Essential Oil. Also, it is important to keep your oils out of extreme temperatures.

! Remember, the above information is intended for use only with doTERRA essential oils. As with any medicines, prudence is advised. Some oils work better for different people. Feel free to try different oil to get the results you want. Caution: Keep out of reach of children & away from eyes. When sharing doTERRA essential oils w/children, a little extra caution is advised. With citrus oils, prudence is advised in sunlight.

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Section 3: Daily Guide For Optimal Health


  • Citrus Oils: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Wild Orange. 5+ drops in water (natural detoxifier, aids in eliminating heavy metals, stress reduction, mood elevator)
  • Balance Essential Oil Blend: 2-3 drops on the bottoms of feet (antidepressants, helps regulate hormones, repairs wear and tear on central nervous system, aids in cellular activity)

  • Calming Oils: Lavender, Serenity, Balance, etc. 1-2 drops nightly on wrists, back of neck or feet ( antidepressant, aids in more restful sleep, relieve daily stress)

  • Life Long Vitality Supplements: Taken 2 daily as directed. (supplies body with antioxidants to combat daily free-radical exposure, stimulates proper metabolic function, natural fatty-acid, everyday vitamins and minerals including trace minerals, heart health, and digestive aid)
  • TerraZyme: Taken before each meal. (helps break down food, helps carry nutrients into the body, aids in boosting immunity, easing inflammation, organ function, hormone balance, and heart health)
  • PB Assist: 1 a day. Beneficial daily as well as after a cleanse. (Restores probiotics to the intestinal tract and supports healthy immune system.


  • Coriander: 1-2 drops on bottom of feet twice per week. (regulates blood sugar and helps eliminate heavy metals)

  • GX Assist: 3 times a day for 10 days (clears candida and cleanses intestinal tract)
  • PB Assist +: 3 times a day for 5 days (Restores probiotics to intestinal tract)

Section 4: Where To Go To Be In The Know

Tools & Education

Modern Essential Book- anyone who is serious about learning more about oil usage should have this "oil bible"! Contains the constituent properties of every single oil, uses for each, chemical composition, and then a complete section of health concerns with suggestions of oils to use. Also includes reflexology point chart.

doterraeveryday.com- this is your #1 place to go! When you are signed up as a Wellness Advocate wholesale member, you will receive a member id & password. Access your back office to login, place orders, manage loyalty reward orders, run your business and sign up other Wellness Advocates. Also find information under the "Business Tools" section which has downloadable forms and brochures, logos, powerpoints, tons of resources, news, product tips, training, tools and up-to-date videos. Also check out doterrablog.com- product highlights, practical information, how-tos, and great stories!

doterrauniversity- seven units to review to increase your knowledge of doTerra. Will receive certificate upon completion.

oilsmentor.com- Contains informational webinars and many other great tools and links for learning, understanding, growing in knowledge and application.

everythingessential.me- website for referencing what oil to use for different ailments.

aromaticscience.com- the definitive source on essential oil science! This is an archive of searchable articles and abstracts on essential oils. The emerging clinical research and scientific advancements on EO's are growing more rapidly than ever and this site makes this cutting edge research available to us all in one place! Additinally, in the near future we will be able to become Certified in Aromatic Science and Essential Oil Application.

mydopro.com-excellent business building information, videos, and continuing education site. Combine with the doTerra Pro Success System binder (available on aromatools.com) for complete step by step training on the business.

reinventinghealthcareinfo.com- webinars, recorded calls and training info.

aromatools.com and myoilbusiness.com- reference books, modern essentials book, A to Z Guide, business books, easy to use info sheets for classes or sharing, apparel, oil cases, spray bottles, roller bottles, etc.

YouTube-subscribe to "doTerracorp" channel for access to awesome videos.

doTerra Corporate Contact Information:

Toll Free Customer Service- (800) 411-8151

service@doterra.com- questions about your business, your individual website, or usage of the website doterraeveryday.com

productsupport@doterra.com- questions about products or issues including which oils to use.

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