Self-portrait printmaking

Doyeonlee 9A

Self-portrait printmaking

This self-portrait printmaking was the last project of the year, and we used linoleum blocks in order to carve out our self portrait


1) First, we had to choose a picture that we were going to use for our self portrait. I used the same picture I used for the previous Andy Warhol project.

2) We printed out the pictures on a A4 piece of paper, and then decided how we were going to split the picture up in order to make it a print.

3) We copied our sketch for our print onto another A4 paper, and outlined with a sharpie. We colored in all the parts that were not going to be carved, and left the parts that were going to be carved white.

4) Then, using tracing paper, we traced our sketch onto the final linoleum block, which we then carved on.

5)We were given tools with various thicknesses to carve. I used different types of carving methods in order to give sort of a texture to my print, instead of it just being blocks of black and white.

6) After we finished carving, we were able to start printing. So far we only used black ink, but we got to print on various materials, such as plain paper, newspapers, magazine pages, etc.

self portrait