Volume 6, Issue 9-----October 8, 2020

Level Up: Authentic & Deliberate Hybrid Practice for Teachers

You have seven days left to help your PK-2nd grade teachers prepare for hybrid instruction! Seven! Days! (Grades 3-6 have 12 days)

It's so important that you use these days wisely. This means giving teachers structured opportunities to teach using the technology they will be using on October 19th--iPad, laptop, smartboard, document camera, voice amplifier--all the cords, carts, and tables they need. The more authentic you can make the practice, the more prepared they will feel for the day students return.

Right now, teachers are typically sitting stationary, talking in a genuinely soft voice, facing directly into their screen. That's all about to change!! Here comes a mixture of virtual and in-person students, multiple devices, lots of cords, teaching all day in a mask, standing and moving around the room. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

There really isn't one "right" way to do this. Your teachers need to find what works for them-but they won't know until they TRY! Here are some tips and questions to help guide that practice to make it as authentic and deliberate as possible:

  • Which tech device will I use to show content to my in-person students? What about my virtual students? Can it be the same?
  • Which device will I use to run the Teams meeting for my virtual students? Where will I place my camera so students can see me (or the class)? Where does the mic need to be so they can hear me? Do I need an amplifier for my voice to be heard in class and at home with my mask on?
  • What furniture is absolutely necessary to be in my classroom? What can I tag and move for storage?
  • Will I want students to sit on the floor at times using carpet squares? How will my tech need to adjust for this shift in student seating?
  • If we are departmentalized and the teachers move rooms, I need to practice moving my tech to the other rooms. What does that move look like? How long does it take to move my devices?
  • I need to practice teaching just like students are in front of me AND at home. I will be moving around in my room, standing up. Where are my tech cords? How does my tech cart support this? Is it in the way? Am I carrying my laptop or iPad for AgMo? Will the camera show me moving around the room for virtual students?
  • Do I want to project my virtual students into the classroom so they "feel" like a part of the in-person class? How can I make this happen?
  • How much space does my tech take up in the front/middle of the classroom? How do I need to adjust my student seating to accommodate this tech space?
  • If I am projecting content and the Teams meeting at the same time, will I use a split screen or two screens/projectors? How do I eliminate feedback when logging into multiple devices in the same room?
  • If I call on a student at home, will the in-person students be able to hear them? Do I need to hook up to a sound system or to the sound on my smartboard?
  • If I call on a student in class, will the students at home be able to hear them? Do I need to repeat what the student says or get close to the student with my voice amplifier so the sound carries?

There are so many details to hybrid learning, and it is so unique to each classroom and to each teacher. It's time to really dig into this practice with your teachers. Level up!

Early Elementary Hybrid Live Lesson Workshop

Level Up: Making Students' Return Special

Having teachers in the schools this week to set up their classrooms has only added to the excitement! I can envision our students sitting in those spaced-out seats, wearing their masks, ready to learn!

We've been waiting for this moment for a long time...over 7 months...220 days to be exact...that's

  • 31 weeks and 3 days
  • 5280 hours
  • 316,800 minutes
  • 19,008,000 seconds
  • 60.11% of 2020

If this feels like a long time for adults, imagine how long it feels for our students (and their parents).

How will you make this return feel special for your in-school and remote learners? How can you lessen anxiety and create safety while still creating these moments?

iLearn Schools Elementary Hybrid Model


LPIPs are off to a strong start! Thanks to everyone facilitating these. And a special thanks to those ensuring your teachers are on time, submitting deliverable work by deadlines, and attending alongside your teachers to support the work!!

  • LPIPs will be cancelled the weeks of October 19th and 26th to give teachers time to adjust to returning students and to accommodate parent-teacher conferences.
  • My hope is that principals will give us 2 hours on November 3rd (site-based PD day)-- One hour for ELA LPIP and one hour for MA LPIP. I'll be speaking with principals soon regarding this.
  • After that, we will need to adjust to the new hybrid schedules. My initial plan is that we host LPIPs from 3:15-4:00. These would be optional unless leaders can pay extra-service; however, an exchange is that teachers would not be giving up plan time during the day. We could record each LPIP and if a teacher does not attend, a leader could watch the LPIP the following day with the teacher during their plan to do the same work, pausing and completing documents/practice. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this idea or any other ideas you have to make LPIPs work across the Network.
  • Thanks to Kelli for the ideas and suggestions about communicating with staff about reopening! (nominated by Tyler Archer)
  • Shout out to Amy and Deborah for a great KG Math LPIP this past Monday! (nominated by Tyler Archer)
  • Thanks to Tyler for sharing his restart letter with the network. (nominated by Jeanine Zitta)
  • Thanks to Conor for his extensive help getting the writing prompts loaded on Teams for K-5. (nominated by Jeanine Zitta)
  • Thanks to Jahaun for letting me run Ops for her 2nd Math LPIP--she facilitated such a pleasant meeting. The group was so thoughtful and shared freely, there was lots of time for practice, and it was the perfect end to the day! Wonderful job! (nominated by Jeanine Zitta)

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, October 8 & Friday, October 9

  • Short Form Check-Ins (Prin & APs)

Friday, October 9

  • Principal Mtg, Noon

Wednesday, October 14

  • SpEd Caseload Due
Friday, October 16
  • Classroom Prep Day (no students)

Monday, October 19

  • PK-2 Students Return

October 19-30

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, October 26

  • 3-6 Students Return


  • Scantron #1 GR 3-6 (Reading, Lang. Arts, Math), 9/16-10/15
  • OPTIONAL CSA Q1, 10/12-10/15
  • OPTIONAL CFA Q2, 10/26-10/30
  • OPTIONAL MAP Practice, 11/2-11/24
  • STAR 2- Nov 30-Dec 17


10 Emily Jackson

21 Jeanine Zitta


2 Laurel Baxter