Julia Elias & Danielle Pennington


Chemical Properties:

1. Boron combines with oxygen in the air to form boron trioxide ( B 2 O 3 ).

2. In powder form, it reacts with hot nitric acid (HNO 3 )

3. It dissolves in melted metals

4. Boron is not soluble in water. It normally does not react with acids.

Physical Properties:

1. Color- dark grey

2. Shape- natural shape is in rock form, but can be found in acid form and powder form as well

3. Melting point- 2076 °C

4. Boiling point- 3927 °C

Uses: Boron compounds are being evaluated for treating arthritis, used for yeast infections, and used for supplements and medicines. Also used on skin to prevent infections, and sometimes used for an eyewash in boric acid form.

Isotopes: B-11 are the 2 stable isotopes

Compounds: borax acid, boric, sodium borate, borates