Music To My Ears

By: Kxavier Tapp

Music Time Signature

The time signature keep the music on time. It can speed up or slow down. the count for most time signatures is 1-2-3-1-2-3-.... But some other are 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4. For example Uptown Funk has a time signature of 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4. Thing 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 in your head while listening to the song.

Music notes

There are many types of music notes like half note and quarter note, even a 128th note.

all of these note have different time when to stop.

Pythagoras' Theory

This method is based is a example of pythagoras' theory. He said that all of the if there is a note lower than the octave it is the same note but lower sound.

Fibonacci Sequence

This sequence is for music. This is a example of the sequence. if you play a note and then play a note in a higher octave they both will sound the same.

Music Sales In The Future

The music sales will start to increase each year for old music but new music will have the lower price and increase each year. By the time its 2020 old music will cost at least 39$ and new music will cost 10$ or higher. For example if a CD cost 19$ and its on the first year it will increase each year. by the time its the second year it cost 20$ then 21$ and so on.


6A. I use strategy like put a song or do a little hand sign. I also use my instrument to help with the project since i know most of the stuff that my band teacher told me i am basically a master band student.

6B. The time helps me know how fast I to go or how slow I have to be. Plus i have use the note to show how long the note has to be.