Juan Ponce de Leon

By Zaylee and Olivia T.

The beginning of Juan Ponce De Leon life

He was born to a noble family in Spain. He was born in 1460. He became a soldier he fought in a noble campaign. He began his exploration career as a part of Christopher Columbus's 2nd expedition to the New World.

Middle Ages

He led a European expedition to discover the Mythical fountain of youth, instead finding the instead finding the southeast coast of what would become the United States. He also gave Florida it's name and after that he went on to become the governor of Puerto Rico. He was named the provincial governor of the eastern part of the country. Hearing constant reports of gold close to Puerto Rico, He was sent by the Spanish crown to explore the island. He took 50 soldiers with him on a single ship to explore the island they settled near what is now San Juan. One year later he returned to Hispaniola, he had found much gold but running short on supplies. Later he became the governor of Puerto Rico.

End Of His Life