Be a Cyber-Hero, not a Cyber-Bully

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is sending anonymous threats and/or other offensive behaviors repeatedly or posted on social media. These threats can come in the form of a text message, emails, negative comments, web pages, and instant messaging. Cyberbullying is becoming more of a problem is because you can be completely anonymous and the rumors or comments can spread quickly to attract a larger audience causing more pain to the victims. Also, because you are not talking to the person directly the bully is often more vicious and cruel.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

If you see cyberbullying or are being cyberbullied, tell a trusted adult about what happened. Then if you can, report the comment or whatever the form the bullying came in. If the harassment continues, just keep telling an adult and reporting it. And if it gets severe enough, you can press charges against the bully.

To prevent being cyberbullied, limit what you post about your personal information, (examples: full name, birthday, and where you live). Avoid harassment at all costs, ignore what the bully says, but if they continue after a few times tell an adult. Also, don't respond to the bully, even if they are saying vicious things resist the urge to reply with something just as cruel.