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Rebecca S. and Claire B.

A Look Into Persephone's Life: The Story of the Seasons

Persephone lived with her mother, Demeter, on Mount Olympus. One day, while she was picking flowers in a meadow, Hades (god of the underworld) rose out of the ground and snatched Persephone into his dark realm. When Demeter (goddess of harvest) found out about this, she was very depressed and made everything on earth barron- no more crops were successful! When Zeus saw what was happening, he begged Hades to let Persephone go. But before sending her back to her mother, Hades gave Persephone a pomegranate seed. Demeter was delighted when her daughter came back... until she realized that whoever ate food from the underworld was doomed to return there. Therefore, Persephone has to return to the underworld for part of every year. When Demeter is with her daughter, she is happy and things grow. When she is not, she makes the world dark, cold, and gray. This is how the seasons were born.

A Chat with Persephone

Interview: Persephone and Kat

Kat: Hi Persephone!

Persephone: Hi Kat.

Kat: So I heard that, in Hades eyes, you are the most beautiful woman alive.

Persephone: Well, you see, he kidnapped me so I could be his wife. It was quite depressing. My poor mother was worried sick.

Kat: Did you get to see the Underworld?

Persephone: Yes. Unfortunately. Everything is... Dead. It is so dark and sad. I can see why no one would be foolish enough to marry Hades and be trapped in that realm with him.

Kat: How long did it take before you got released?

Persephone: On the tenth day Hermes that messenger came to Hades. He told him of Zeus's orders. To release me as long as I didn't eat anything. Then my mom showed up with...

Kat: Wait.... As long as you didn't eat anything?

Persephone: Yes.

Kat: Did you eat anything?

Persephone: Well, let me get there. So as I was saying, my mother showed up with...

Kat: Wait. What happens if you eat something in the underworld?

Persephone: SERIOUSLY!!!!! Stop interrupting me! Anyways...

Kat: but...

Persephone: Anyways, my mother showed up with Zeus. I hugged my mom, Demeter. Then Hades just had to mention that I ate six pomegranate seeds while in the underworld. That meant that I had to stay with him. Zeus came to the rescue though. He said that I was to return to Hades for six months, for I had eaten six pomegranate seeds. Then I would reunite with my mother the other six.

Kat: I see. But I still have one more question.

Persephone: Ok. Ask away.

Kat: The word is spreading from pigeon to pigeon that your story is what created the four seasons. Is this true?

Persephone: Oh yes. When I am with my mother, things grow. So it becomes Spring and Summer. When I am with Hades, my mother does not allow things to grow, for she is the goddess of living things. So it becomes fall and winter.

Kat: I see. Well thank you Persephone! I appreciate your time.

Persephone: It was my pleasure. Thank you! Goodbye Kat.

Kat: Bye Persephone!

Persephone vs. Taylor Swift


1. Both are teenagers/young adults

2. Both are very beautiful

3. Both have mothers


1. Persephone was taken to the underworld, Taylor Swift was not

2. Persephone's mother was a goddess, and Mrs. Swift was not

3. Taylor Swift is a superstar, and Persephone probably was not

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