Diary Entries

From: A Victim and a Perpetrator

Victim Diary Entry #127

Dear diary,

It's horrifying here. We've been forced into a concentration camp, being considered "subversives." I hate it here. My family of 5 is cramped into one room with another family of 7. It isn't fair. We shouldn't have to do this. I didn't do anything wrong! We barely ever have enough food, and I never get enough sleep. I shouldn't complain, many people have it worse it what my mom always tells me. How could it get worse than this, though??


Perpetrator Diary Entry #1

Journal Entry #1

January 21st, 1933

Another successful day. The first of many to come. We have created concentration camps to keep in juveniles and delinquents. Many disagree with this, saying they did "nothing wrong". People don't understand order. So far we have collected many people to stay in these camps. Hopefully all goes to plan. I shall keep this journal to mark the days of advancement.

- Sergeant Alhsom