Travel to Morocco

"Al Maghrib; Where the Sun Sets"

The Basics

Location: Morocco is in Northern Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is between the Western Sahara Desert and Algeria.

Weather: Expect very nice weather while you are here, usually between 41-95 degrees F year round!

Climate Type: The climate of Morocco is more Mediterranean than anything, although it does have a few rainy spots. The more extreme climate is the interior.

Physical Characteristics: While you are here, I suggest visiting the beautiful Atlas Mountains and the Western Sahara Desert.

How to Fit In

Language: The country of Morocco speaks mainly Arabic, but some parts speak Tamazight, Tachelhit, or Tarifit. Some even speak French if they are speaking about Business.

Folkways: To fit in, there are a few things you should know. Hospitality is a big deal in Morocco, you will always be invited inside. Pottery is done right in the middle of the road sometimes! Haggling for prices is an everyday occasion in Morocco, with mostly every situation. Drug trafficking is a very big thing, also.

Taboos: There is absolutely NO alcohol for Muslims, so don't offer. Revealing clothes are considered very disrespectful, unless you are on the beach.

Values: In Morocco, it is disgraceful to let your guests leave a meal unsatisfied. Middle and Upper Class people almost never do any physical labor. One must always dress conservatively. It is also considered rude to eat with your left hand.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

Subcultures: There are Sherfa, who claim descent from Muhammad. They gain so much money from their ancestors that they do not have to work, nor will they ever work. Also, there are the pure Arabs, who are usually professionals like doctors. They are considered upper-class citizens and will not do any physical labor.

Culture Landscape: Coastlines and mountains are considered sacred sites in Morocco, as well as the Holy City of Zerhoun.

Culture Diffusion: In Morocco, things have come to the country that did not originate there, such as internet, soda, McDonald's, and even Pizza Hut.

Culture Change: The economy of Morocco has developed greatly. Things like vehicles are now being made, and communication throughout the world has given us evidence that the culture of Morocco has changed.

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Name: Erin Barger

Country: Morocco

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