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About HIV Test Kits

Rapid hiv test kits are very efficient in diagnosing the HIV antibodies that may be present if a guy has HIV. Rapid testing also aids in the recognizance of a fewer number of false positive results (which means indicating that you're HIV positive when you are truly not), and this is the purpose why all the rapid test kits are considered prelude. The rapid tests are accompanied along a blood test that is sent to the pathology to confirm or overrule the starting result. The results are mainly accessible within a week.

Rapid HIV tests have a window period – the time amid the setting in of the infection and the appearance of detectable antibodies to the HIV virus. Most folks generally make antibodies within six weeks of infection while the window period for the rapid tests is three months. It shows that you have been currently exposed to HIV.

HIV test kits are manufactured below the stringent quality control levels, adhering to GMP and ISO guidelines. This aids in assuring that all the test kits are of the equal good quality and arrive with 100% accuracy. Before opting the hiv test kit at home, it is essential to understand the way in which they use or function. The test cartridge creates use of state of the art technology to diagnose the HIV antibody in the provided blood sample.