Frankenstein, Jurassic Park, and Moral Dilemma

Brief background information

Novel: Frankenstein

  • Victor Frankenstein, a human interested in secrets of life, creates an artificial being
  • Abandons creation, leading to series of events, including the death of his loved ones
  • Life in turmoil due to his blinding ambition to create life

Film: Jurassic Park

  • Billionaire, John Hammond, gathers scientists to create genetically modified dinosaurs
  • Not aware of dinosaurs needs and capabilities leading to destruction
  • Forced to leave them behind on the remote island

Moral Dilemma: "Pulling the Plug" on patients

  • Doctors that are given the power to "pull the plug" on patients
  • Actions determined by EDUCATED guesses
  • No one is ever one hundred percent sure of the patients survival rate


Playing God can lead to detrimental consequences

There is one similar topic that stands out amongst Jurassic Park, Frankenstein, and the moral dilemma of doctors who "pulls the plug" on patients; that is the power of life and death being controlled by humans. Humans are not programmed to handle all of the wonders of the world. There are far too much that are undiscovered and possibly should be left that way to keep order in society. Consequences of these actions are not predictable. Though they might sound like a scientific break through spawning from intelligence and creativity, the tables can quickly turn. Both the novel and the film ended with the destruction of life, juxtaposing the actions of humans who took the power of creating life itself into their hands in the beginning. It clearly illustrates that man is not fit to mess with the balance of nature. In the real world, doctors are given the power to pull the plug on their patients if they believe that there is a low survival rate. But does their educational background alone allow them to conclude the countless possibilities of life? Absolutely not. No one can ever know for sure what may happen. Evolution and natural selection should happen on its own without being manipulated.