Digital Citizenship

Becoming a Positive Digital Citizen


Your digital reputation is defined by your online behaviors, and the content that you post about yourself and others. This can include:
  • Tagged photos
  • Blog posts
  • Social networking interactions

Having a poor reputation can affect your friendships, relationships, and even future jobs that you might have.

-So THINK before you post!

Digital Footprint

Simply put, your Digital Footprint is everything on the internet that is about you and the trail you leave, and could possibly include:
  • Social Networking profile
  • Photos posted by you, your friends, or your family online
  • Anything you have written or has been written about you

Digital Footprints can also offer many advantages such as:

  • Building a positive online presence showcasing your skills
  • They can expand your range of contacts
  • They can give you access to potential employers
  • Updating your profile can be cost, and time-effective

What Not To Do

  • Don't talk about illegal activities you have been involved in, or questionable websites you have visited.
  • Don't talk harass someone online or "bully" them. If you do, apologize, and don't talk about it anymore.
  • Don't post inappropriate pictures of yourself or others, they come back to haunt you.
  • Don't send it to inappropriate images or text to others, or pass it on.



  • 43% of kids say they have been cyber bullied.
  • Over 50% of teens say they have sent hurtful texts or images.
Cyber bullying can be an accident, if the text or picture was meant to be funny, but was perceived the wrong way. In 2006, around 1 in 3 teens had been cyber bullied, and over half had cyber bullied.
Stop Cyberbullying

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