Kindergarten Guidance Lesson


Fair Ways to Play

Learning Target: Name sharing, trading, and taking turns as fair solutions when two students want to play with the same thing.

Why This Lesson Matters: Sharing, trading, and taking turns promote fairness and mutual enjoyment so students are less likely to use aggressive solutions. when asked to brainstorm solution to interpersonal problems, socially competent students typically offer more pro social solutions and fewer aggressive ones.

Activity: We began our lesson with our Brain Builder Game of "My Turn, Your Turn". After the game, we listened to "The Fair Ways to Play" song. It is a new song that tells us about three Fair Ways to Play when two people want to play with the same thing. After the fun song, we listened to the story about Matthew and Fiona who were both playing with dinosaurs but Matthew wanted a turn with the ones Fiona was playing with for a while. After we discussed what Matthew could do, we role played asking politely for a toy when someone else has it. Students stood up with a partner and asked "May I have a turn please?" while looking at them in the eyes.

Application: Have your child role play how to ask for a turn, to trade or share a toy with you or a sibling at home.

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard: PS:A1.9 Student can demonstrate cooperative behavior in groups.