Conflict Between The Religons

By: A.A.P.P.

Conflicts Between Christianity and Islam

One conflict between Islam and Christianity is their different views of Jesus. In Islam, Jesus is a prophet of their god and it is told that he helped spread Islam. In Christianity, Jesus is their god who created everything. Because of these different points of views, it is causing major problems between those 2 religions.

Conflicts between Islam and Jewish

The conflict between Islam and Jewish is also called the Arab-Israeli conflict. One reason they hate each other is that in the Quran (Islam's holy bible) it is said to be friends and to attack them because they refuse to convert to Islam. One other conflict between them is who gets Israel. Because of these actions, it became a really big conflict and those conflicts still continue today.

Conflicts between Jewish and Christianity

One conflict between Jewish and Christianity is that who gets Israel. This is a problem because The Jewish people built Jerusalem and for Christians their god, Jesus is born there. Another problem between Christians and Jews is that people were Jewish are turning to christians. These problem are not major because Christianity and Jewish have a lot of similarities.

Conflicts Between All 3 Monothiestic Religons

There is only one conflict between all 3 monotheistic religions and that is land for their religion. This is mostly effected for the Jews because they were the last ones to call for their land. They have been fighting for their land until today. This conflict is the biggest conflict of them all.