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Fall ----- Week of August 31, 2020

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Principal Corner

We have had a great first week of school! Thank you so much for blessing us with your child(ren). We are so glad to have the kids back at school. Last week teachers focused on building relationships and teaching school routines and procedures. This week we will continue with our school routines and add academic routines

Our new arrival/dismissal system seems to be going very well. A few reminders to keep us all safe:

  • Students can enter the building in any door although we do encourage Kinder/1st grade to be dropped off at the front (especially if they do not have older siblings). Doors do not open until 7:25. Please do not drop students off early.
  • Be sure to pull all the way up for drop off. Once all cars are stopped, multiple cars will unload at the same time. This will keep our line moving faster. If your child's classroom is in the green hall you might be asked to pull past the green hall and the child will walk back to the green hall door. If the weather is bad your child can enter the door closest to their car and walk through the building to get to their classroom.
  • When exiting from the side of the building we ask that you do not cut through the parking lot or the bus lane. I know we are often in a hurry in the morning but we must be safe. We have pre-k and bus students that are being dropped off in the back of the building.
  • Please do not turn west off of Carver road during drop off or pick up. The line wraps around Pippin Apple Circle.
  • Handicapped parking places are reserved for those with a handicap parking permit. Please do not use these spots unless you are permitted.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Digital Forms

We have moved to digital forms this year. Please complete the following form. It gives permission for many things. Things like technology use, picture/video publishing, and students' work displayed. Technology insurance is optional. There is a link to pay for technology insurance online. If you chose to send money to the school, please label it "Technology Insurance."

The Springdale Schools Acceptable Usage Agreement can be seen here. Specific information regarding technology insurance is located in this document.

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The Basics of Arrival and Dismissal


The doors will open at 7:25 and students will report straight to their classrooms or to eat breakfast. Please do not drop students off prior to 7:25. Car riders can be dropped off at either the front doors or the side doors of the school. We would strongly encourage those that have students in kindergarten and first grade to use the front doors. Please pull ALL the way forward so more students can exit their cars at the same time. Kindergarten and 1st-grade students should wear their lanyards so we can help them find their class. Students that are walking/riding bikes should enter through the front doors and not arrive before 7:25.

All students will wait in their classroom until their car has arrived in the afternoon. K and 1st grade (and siblings) will report to the front door. 2nd- 5th-grade students will exit from the west side of the building out of the blue/green hallway. Car tags will have names and numbers. The number will be typed in and your child's name will display in their classroom. At that time they will report to the car. It is VERY important you go to the correct location for pick up in the afternoon so your child reports to your car. ALL cars will report to the front line after 3:20. Our car line ends at 3:25. Walkers will be dismissed at 3:15. Please do not have students walk to your car parked on a side street or the pool. The car line has been finishing by 3:15-3:20 daily so you can pick them up at that time. We have already had several students run across the street and not use a crosswalk. This is very dangerous.

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What bus does my child ride? Click Here

Call transportation if a you do not see your address online. 750-8830

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Upcoming Events

August 24- First Day of School

September 7- Labor Day (No School)

About our School

  • Bernice Young Elementary was established in August 2000.
  • School mascot is the Yellowjacket
  • School colors are Red, Yellow, and Black
  • Principal- Christy Norwood
  • Assistant Principal- Stacey Plumlee

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