Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

January 15-19, 2018

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I BELIEVE You Matter!!

I Believe in Seeing the Problem, Owning the Problem

We believe in you matter, we believe in relationships, we believe in helping others be successful, we believe in living above the line, and we believe in keeping our day. This month, our focus combines these Top 20 facets with See the Problem, Own the Problem.

This week, I've reflected on the Top 20 Frame (suggesting how we SEE something influences how we feel, how we FEEL influences what we do, what we DO influences what we get, and what we GET reinforces how we see it.) Solving problems has become easier when relating to the Frame. My new roles at ROCORI bring ups and downs, celebrations and sadness, successes and struggles, triumphs and challenges each and every day. I own each of them. The journey to gain understanding of each facet has been overwhelming, but as of late I've opted to take time to reflect upon how I am seeing the nuances of each up and down makes me feel. Crazy, honestly, yet true, is the dramatic change in my approach when stopping just at that step of the Frame. Stepping back, taking another look at what I've seen, and adjusting my view from an out-of-the-box perspective has allowed me to change how I feel. Really. I have changed how I feel, which has impacted what I've done, what's been received, and ultimately how I see things looking back. This is powerful.

Sparsh Shah faced many problems; in this clip we see him using four simple steps to own them and change Impossible to I'm Possible. Step One: Find Your Passion. Step Two: Never Hold Yourself Back. Step Three: Help Others. Step Four: Dream Big. What is your ultimate goal? How will you achieve your goals using the Frame when faced with problems and challenges? Remember, If We Believe It, We Can Achieve It. I've practiced the FRAME. Will you?


To Tammy, Christine, and classroom teachers with recess duty, two mitten-clad thumbs up for your patience during these past two days of tundra-like arctic temperatures and indoor recesses! Thank You for making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

Reading is Our Super Power!

We want our students to read. The question of what we want them to read and how we want them to read should be prefaced by answering why we want them to read. Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why, believes that the first step in achieving a goal is to identify the Why. A firm believer in beginning with Why, what I love about this book review is that it directly relates the power of Why with encouraging students to read. By focusing on the Why we want kids to read, we draw them into a world that promotes lifelong learning and appreciation of written communication. Students are exposed to new words, which help them achieve fluency. As time progresses and children receive increasingly demanding work, students are prepared to excel academically. There's the tie-in with the Why from our District Strategic Roadmap: ROCORI is committed to empowering students to achieve their greatest potential!


In an effort to track and streamline the referral process for counseling and mental health support, please start with Ambur for any mental health services for our students. Ambur will manage the next steps for the students which could include small groups, individual counseling, and/or True Balance counseling.

Students already receiving counseling services from True Balance will not be effected. They will continue their own services.

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE January 15-19, 2018


  • Academy Day!!


  • Title One Meeting CSE 7:30
  • Mary at CMESPA Meeting: Resource 8:00-3:00


  • Math Expressions Train the Trainer CSE Conference Room
  • 5th Grade SRWD 11:20


  • District CI DO 7:00
  • 5th Grade to Eagle Park, Rockville 8:30-11:30
  • Mary at CNN/DAC Meeting: Resource 9:15-3:00

Upcoming Important Dates

January 15: District Academy Day; No School

January 18: Train the Trainer Math Expressions Rotations (schedule forthcoming)

January 26: Three Hour Early Student Dismissal

January 29- February 2: Winter Wonderland Week

February 2: Winter Carnival at Richmond Elementary (evening)

April 28: Richmond Elementary Color Run at Centennial Park

May 17: Spring Family Picnic at Lions Park 5pm


District Level

RtI CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum passed!!
Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 1/22 at 7:30 Media
  • Meeting 2/14 7:35 Media
  • Meeting 1/24 2:50 Kelly's Room
  • Meeting 1/30 2:50 Media