The Eagle Express

Wilmer-Hutchins High School Week of [Feb 8th - Feb 12th]

Principal's Message

The Eagle Express is back! I stopped sending the weekly information in this format because I was given feedback about how everyone didn't read it and it was not effective; however, I thought about my purpose of sending the weekly e-mail in this format. I can add links to websites, I can add videos, and I like the cute backgrounds and pictures :-). Writing this personal section lets you see some of my flaws (not using correct subject-verb agreements, not being so "polished", and many many more), but, it's all worth it if it helps you know my thoughts and feelings about certain situations and events we encounter throughout the school year. In closing, remember your purpose and why you do the things you do. If it makes sense and it's for the greater good to reach the goal, stick with it without wavering and deal with the highs and lows that come with it. In the end, you'll see the outcome and then be reassured, you have to do things you know are right in your gut to fulfill your purpose. Have a Wonderful Week!

Always Hutch Proud,

Mrs. Barnett

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

We are having PLCs this week! In efforts to make sure our work is intentional, we will have PLC topics according to the calendar week. Please see the PLC topics below:

Week 1: Data Driven Instruction

Week 2: Learning Walks/Spot Observations

Week 3: Instructional Strategies

Week 4: Lesson Cycle/Plan

Week 5: Data Driven Instruction (if applicable)

Demonstrations of Learning (DOL)


As I look through the Grade Books, I notice that students are receiving grades for DOLs; however, DOLs should not be graded. Please click on the DOLs link above to access the document on Google Drive.

Weekly Events

National School Counseling Week


SPED Indicator 13 Audit 9-12PM

Parent Meeting w/Select students 9:30AM [Auditorium]



Boys & Girls Basketball Games


Wonderful Wednesday!


Thankful Thursday!


Boys & Girls Basketball Games


English AP Prep @ North Dallas High School

Hosting UIL MS Contest, Vocal 7:00AM-6:00PM