Interested in VIPKID?

Teach cute kids in China without leaving your house!

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID is a online school for student in China to learn English. All of the students are in China and the teachers are all English speakers. We teach the kids through an online platform as many or as little hours a week as we would like. Teachers are paid per class.

Am I qualified to become a VIPKID teacher? How do I apply?

First make sure you meet the qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree (in ANY field, not just teaching!)
  • North American accent (American or Canadian, but you can be living somewhere else!)
  • Experience with kids (baby-sitting, teaching, nannying, tutoring, etc.)

If you can check all three of those boxes, you can apply to be a VIPKID teacher!

Click HERE to apply using my referral link. Using my link enables me to help you through the entire interview process. I will be your personal VIPKID coach. I've helped many teachers get hired with VIPKID through my videos, Q&A sessions, and/or one-on-one Skype sessions. VIPKID pays their teachers to help prospective teachers through the process, so using my link is a win-win for everyone!

What is the VIPKID hiring process like?


More Information about the application process

  1. To apply for VIPKID, you will first fill out some basic information about yourself.
  2. If you pass the basic info stage, you will sign up for an interview with a VIPKID employee in China. You will teach a demo lesson. Watch my videos below and/or contact me for help with this stage.
  3. If you pass the interview, you will learn some information about the VIPKID curriculum and take a short quiz.
  4. Once you take the quiz, you will schedule your first mock class (Mock 1). This portion of the interview is with a current VIPKID teacher who will help you as you pretend to teach them a class.
  5. After Mock 1 is your second mock class (Mock 2). You will teach a different demo class to another current VIPKID teacher. I can help you prepare your material for both of your mock classes!
  6. Once you pass Mock 2, you will be a VIPKID teacher. You can start teaching lessons immediately! :-)

How do I teach a VIPKID lesson for my interview?

VIPKID Lesson Tips & Example

A few basic props will help you stand out in your interview!

VIPKID Interview Props
Big image

I can meet with you one-on-one to help you prepare for your interview and/or mock classes!

Apply for VIPKID using my link and I can help you every step of the way as you go through the process of becoming a VIPKID teacher.

NOTE: VIPKID pays their current teachers a one time bonus for every teacher we successfully refer to the program. So if you use my referral link to apply, I am 100% invested to ensure you are hired! We do not get the bonus until you teach your first class, so I will be with you every step of the way. This is NOT a multi-level marketing company. I do NOT get a portion of your pay if you use my link. It is just a one time bonus that VIPKID pays us to help recruit new teachers. That way, you get any help you need as you interview, I get paid for the time I spend helping you, and VIPKID foots the bill. That's a win for you, and a win for me! :-)